Famous person essay sample 14 models


In part two of the IELTS speaking exam, you may be asked to describe a famous person. You will of course be given a minute lớn think about your answer and make some notes. Then you have two minutes lớn talk. But what things should you say? How should go attempt lớn describe a famous person?

Let’s discuss those issues in this article.

Cue Card: Describe a Famous Person

You will be given a cue thẻ with information that you must address in your speech. Before attempting lớn answer, you must make sure you fully understand the question and all the things you have to lớn talk about. Don’t rush in và start speaking about any famous person. (Check out our lesson on describing a sportsperson.)

Here are some of the variations on the topic of describing famous people:

Describe a famous person in your country.……………………………………. You’d like to meet.……………………………………. You admire.……………………………………. You are interested in.

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There are plenty of other options. Make sure you pay attention khổng lồ the second part và make reference khổng lồ it, and of course talk about all the points you are required to mention. To bởi vì this successfully, you must make appropriate notes.

How khổng lồ Make Notes

In the IELTS speaking kiểm tra part 2, you don’t have much time to lớn make notes, so you must vày it efficiently. Don’t attempt to lớn write any full sentences. Just note down ideas và vocabulary. These should help you khổng lồ structure your talk & remember any important words. Don’t write down anything unnecessary or it will just cost you valuable time.

Note-taking is quite a personal process and you should vị whatever works best for you. This might mean doing a mind-map, or perhaps writing an ordered list. Maybe you lượt thích to sketch ideas or associate words. Whatever helps you remember is fine. Just be sure to lớn write quickly as you only have one minute.

Once your notes are written, you should be ready to lớn talk. Work through your notes slowly and calmly, elaborating on each point slightly. You only have to talk for 1-2 minutes, so don’t worry. The biggest mistake students make at this point is talking too fast and finishing in less than a minute. Practice speaking from notes at trang chủ to counteract this stress.

Answering the Question

By now you should have chosen a person you wish khổng lồ describe, analyzed the question lớn decide what you need to lớn say, & written some appropriate notes. Therefore, it is now time to start speaking. Here’s an example question & answer to lớn help you:


Tell us abouta famous person you would like to meet.

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You should say:

who is he/ shewhy bởi you want to lớn meet him/ herwhy he/sheis famous

and explain what would you do if you meet him/ her.

Sample Band 9 Answer

A famous person I’d lượt thích to meet is Bryan Cranston. He’s an American actor who is best-known for his role as Walter trắng in the famous TV show, Breaking Bad. Actually, Bryan Cranston has appeared in many TV shows & movies, including a really funny show that he did before Breaking Bad called Malcolm in the Middle. However, I think for most people he’s always going to lớn be identified with the character of Walter White, the chemistry teacher who turned into a drug dealer. His performance in that show was so iconic that he will forever be remembered not just by fans but anyone who knows anything about American TV.

I want to meet him not just because he’s a great actor but also because I’ve heard him give so many interviews và he seems lượt thích a really great guy. He has amazingly funny stories lớn tell & he always gives so much of his time & energy to lớn his fans. I don’t really know what I’d vì chưng if I met Bryan Cranston because I’ve never actually met a famous person before. However, I’d probably shake his hand và tell him I really admire his work on screen và on stage. If he was willing lớn talk, I’d ask him about making Breaking Bad và I’m sure he’d have some wonderful stories to tell me.


Here is a clip of me giving the above sample answer. You can try lớn copy my style of speech.



In the above speech, I’ve addressed all the points from the cue card, although not necessarily in order. I first said who Bryan Cranston is & then explained why he is famous, before moving on khổng lồ why I want lớn meet him and what I would do in that situation. This seemed lớn me a more natural structure và easier to talk about. If you talk randomly on different points without connecting it in your head, you will find it harder lớn talk for a long time.

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I’ve highlighted some useful language in bold, which I will explain below:

“who is best known for” – this is a great way lớn explain the greatest accomplishment of a famous personeg “who is best known for her hit song, ‘Shake it Off"”eg “who is best known for his masterpiece, ‘Animal Farm"”“iconic” – essentially, this just means very famous – ie a person who has become an icon“not just because…. But also” – this structure is a good way khổng lồ introduce multiple reasons for somethingeg “I lượt thích him not just because he’s a good guy but because he seems really interesting.”


It’s really important in the IELTS speaking test part 2 that you prepare your answer. You should make some useful notes khổng lồ help you talk, & then speak slowly và calmly, elaborating upon your notes as you speak. When describing famous people for IELTS, remember to include some appropriate adjectives & adverbs for descriptive purposes, and always give reasons and examples lớn justify your statements. This will boost your IELTS speaking score significantly.