1. Raise the idea of TVC
TVC production often known media is: television communication. But today with the variety of modes of communication TVC is also widely communicated on: internet, supermarkets, trade centers, trade fairs ….

2. Process of manufacturing TVC

2.1 Pre-production: pre-preparation stage before production.
      – General scenario idea: It is the first step of a pre-production but important task. The appeal of a viewer’s worth of advertising depends primarily on the idea of ​​the script
      – Literary scenario: The editor and the director of the message want to convey the most correct words.
      – Scenario: Once you have agreed on the script and the script, the artist draws the visual representation of the actor and the voice of the scene.
      – Production planning: After finishing the script, the director will find actors, background scene suitable for the script.
2.2 Production organization:
  The director will direct: actors, lighting, filming, props …. acting as script requirements


2.3 Post-harvest:
The final stage of the TVC production process, including: Make montage, visual effects, sound, read off …
3. Release:
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