Providing design service

Most Asians believe that a good start will lead to a favorable journey. This belief goes into everyday life. That is most clearly seen in business. Businesses are always looking forward to the day of the groundbreaking – inauguration, the day officially began work, will go smoothly with the hope of future work will eat out. Therefore, organizing the groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration should be the event organizers focus.
If the work of groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration is carefully prepared right from the stage to the idea, design content script, the stage of organizing the program will be less risky and take place better.
Work on ideas and design includes small steps such as site groundbreaking groundbreaking – inauguration, consideration of equipment, event tools for construction, event perspectives, design of Equipment and tools appropriate for the groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration (flowers, tools groundbreaking – inauguration, worshiping, decorating the table, …). The work on the preparation, the groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration as successful.


Recognizing the importance of organizing the groundbreaking ceremony – successful inauguration and the desire to help you start a good business, CCEVENTS Trading Co., Ltd would like to introduce our service to you. Design & Construction Ground Breaking Ceremony – inauguration. In addition to listening to the ideas of customers, CCEVENTS also consult, consult more and together with customers to build scripts for the program was successfully held.







CCEVENTS provides ritual supplies for the construction works at the request of customers.