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Stamps, product labels, labels for the purpose of providing the necessary information about the product to the customer. Typically, the label will be posted on the bottle, shell, bottle, box, packaging of the product for users to read information.

Labels must be affixed on commercial packaging products in the most easily visible position possible. Typically, stamp designers and product labels will actively explore and determine the size of labels so as to ensure that all contents are legible and easy to recognize by the naked eye, including:

– Position of the label in the middle of the bottle and paste into a circle on the product packaging.

– The stamp location, labeled on the box.

– The position of the stamp and label on the front and back of the bottle.

– The location of the label is only on the front of the box.

Labels need to be filled in the prescribed content, not every detail, parts of the product. In cases where the outer packaging can not be opened or unpacked, the label must be printed on the outer package with the contents containing all required and required information, including:

– Product’s name

– Product message

– Ingredients of the product

– Product use

– Information of production units, import units

– Barcode, QR code …

– Date of manufacture, expiry date, product recommendations.

– Certification of products (if any)

– Volume of product

Design of stamps, labels, marks create a strong sense of the quality of the product. Consumers looking at a stamp, beautifully designed labels will associate the excellent quality of goods. After using, the new consumer is getting its true quality. Stamps, beautifully designed labels are also factors that affect not only the consumer feel after using the product.

In thousands of product samples, letting customers see and decide on your product selection is not easy. Color combinations, layouts, and backdrops are factors that help to identify brand images faster and more times, and help customers remember specific features of the product, even though they Can buy in many different stores.

With a young, dynamic and professional team, CCEvents is committed to providing you with quality, professional and effective stamps.

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