Logo is very important to a brand, a business that wants to build its place and image in the market. With a new start up business, a brand new launch, the logo will be the start of a brand launch project.



The brand identity of the business logo can not be missing. The logo appears everywhere from the website, busainess cards, office documents, promotional materials, staff uniforms to office supplies. Logo is considered one of the first impression represents a brand should the current business always looking forward to the best logo design image, prominent name and style separately.


CCEvents always create the peace of mind for customers through the most professional logo design process, including many steps for customers to keep track of progress at any time: From creative orientation, and competitors, outline design ideas, presenting logo design ideas and final product finishing.


Come to CCEvents Logo Design Services you will:

– Logo design impressively reflects the corporate brand.

– You will be consulted logo design, brand development in a comprehensive way.

– You receive a 3D perspective logo.

– You receive a set of logo products in the required file format.

Come to CCEvents, our creative team is ready to turn your ideas into the most unique and impressive logo designs.

Contact us:

CCEVENTS CO.LTD – “Đam Mê Sự Hoàn Hảo”
 79/61 Bùi Quang Là, phường 12, quận Gò Vấp, TpHCM

Hotline: (08) 6861 6857 | 0938 737 857
Email: info@ccevents.vn
Website: ccevents.vn

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