Card Visit is one of the important publications of the branding system, which stores your contact information when it comes to meeting customers. Besides, it also shows the professional as well as the culture and class of your company. Keep your business cards always cherished to make it so impressive and outstanding.



Card visit provides your partner with personal information such as name, title, company, contact telephone number, address, website and other information such as service or product that you business. The arrangement of such information does not seem to be too difficult for anyone with little knowledge of graphic design. But you get a visit card every time you deal with partners, you are proud of it is a beautiful design visit card is not a simple story.



In Vietnam, the card visit designs usually have a general layout that is quite clear enough to cover the information mentioned above and the gas layout as the presentation of a word document page – quite short but lack creativity.

With design name card, design card visit CCEvents, you will have a professional business card, designed completely different, with the standard size. Your card will be in harmony with other materials in your brand identity to create a whole.


Come to CCEvents, our creative team is ready to turn your ideas into the most unique and impressive business cards.

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