Constructing booth

A self-constructed booth is a space that is rented by the Fair Organizing Board, and the tenant is allowed to construct, booth a booth according to the design and style of the unit itself, towards the item. The purpose of the exhibition is to make the difference, but also to keep the rules of the Organizing Committee. A booth usually depends on the design elements and layout.
Minimum size for building a 3×3 to 3×6 booth. Large businesses can rent 3×12 to 6×12 booths to build booths larger.
Request for a self-constructed booth:
  • Exhibitors must send design documents to the Organizing Committee 40 days before the opening of the fair.
  • The design dossier shall include the master plan, the technical drawing of the façade, the cross-section, the drawing of the electricity-light diagram, the full quantity of each type of lamp, capacity.
  • Self-constructed pavilions must ensure the elements of fire and explosion prevention and space, avoid the shielding to obstruct the common path and space of the trade fair.
  • Must have a safety certificate issued by the Department of Construction if the booth itself has more than 2 floors.
  • Ensure cleaning after dismantling
05This is the type of booth that is invested carefully, meeting all the requirements of companies participating in the exhibition promoting services, products. Designed to fit any size of customer requirements, using a variety of materials to create aesthetically pleasing stalls creates a great impression for both partners and potential customers, contributing greatly to the success of the company’s product promotion strategy and brand. For stand-alone booths, customers can re-build 2.3 times.
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