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Dalat – “the city of flowers”- is a famous tourist destination in Central Highlands of Vietnam. This thành phố is great for anyone who wants to explore & discover different beauty of the highlands. Visitors will live in nature và the cool climate.

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If you wonder when is good lớn travel here, places to eat or where to lớn visit? Vietnam Drive will suggest you some ideas which are good references for your holidays in Dalat thành phố as below.

Wild sunflowers in Dalat

When is the best time khổng lồ travel lớn Dalat?

You should not worry too much about when the best time to lớn travel lớn travel to Dalat is. You just range which season is suitable for you, it is because Dalat is nearly great all year round.

In the spring (Jan khổng lồ March), Dalat is usually covered by the colors of flowers, full of dreaming cherry flowers.In the summer (April to September), the thành phố is marked with thousand purple flowers blooming – flamboyant flowers.Near the end of October to December, the season of wildflowers begin khổng lồ bloom in the cold air, the wildflowers bring an appealing attraction for Dalat, Vietnam.

Besides, if you vì not like the noise, you should avoid visiting Dalat at the weekend and national holidays, because during these times, tourists come to lớn Dalat a lot.

Cherry blossom in Dalat Vietnam. Photo: Tran Dinh

Which is the suitable transport to & in Dalat?

To travel lớn Dalat from Ho chi Minh, Nha Trang city or other places, you can choose different means of transportation among planes, buses or cars.

When staying in Dalat City, it is because Dalat in the highlands has mountainous lands & hills, you should not choose bicycles. You can rent a motorbike which is easier transportation, but it is an adventure vehicle. A private oto is available for you to lớn explore the đô thị safely.

If you travel in large groups or in groups with older people & young children, you should go by car or taxi lớn make it safer và more comfortable khổng lồ move.

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Old train in Dalat đô thị -photo: internet


Some visitors often choose places to stay in the center to lớn quickly move to the entertainment center or dining.In Dalat, there are big resorts, villas or home-stay with reasonable price & beautiful space, facilities for you to lớn choose such as House home-stay, Tre’s House homestay, or home Farm home-stay.

What khổng lồ eat in Dalat?

Banh Can in Dalat – Photo:

Eating is an essential issue for every trip. Coming khổng lồ Dalat, there are many delicious dishes khổng lồ choose such as crab vegetable soup, rice paper rolls, bread rolls, chicken bread, buns, Thanh Thao buttercream, or hot pot dishes such as Aba Toa wooden stew, Luk Goat hot pot, bầu Khap Bun Kha hot pot, & turtle pot in turtle egg.

You can also taste a cup of cà phê to enjoy the view & enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee of Dalat. With this rich cuisine in Dalat, you will surely remember the taste here.

Famous sites khổng lồ visit in Dalat

Dalat has many beautiful places which can take you a lot of time to explore. Some destinations that you should not miss are Xuan Huong Lake, Than Tho Lake, Lang Biang Valley, Cu Tram Village, Luu quan Forest, Love Valley, & Tea Hill Land.

Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat Vietnam – photo: Pminhtrung

Also, visitors can also visit many flower villages or farms such as Dalat Milk Farm, or Van Thanh flower village to experience and see firsthand how people cultivate and harvest agricultural products. At the same time, you can buy fresh vegetables or fruit in the gardens.

Besides, Dalat Market và Am Phu Market are the perfect choices for you to lớn buy coats or Dalat specialties such as jam, dried fruits, artichoke tea, và etc. These are good gifts to lớn give your relatives và friends.

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Vietnam Drive hope with the above information about the experience in Dalat, you will have a great time when coming khổng lồ this city. Bởi not skip Dalat city because this is a must place khổng lồ visit in Vietnam. (Minh Yen – ccevents.vn)

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