Many people believe eating healthily is about dieting or eating less. In fact, it’s simply a case of eating more of what your body needs và less of what it doesn’t – what we call a balanced diet. That doesn’t have to mean boring or tasteless food though – & you can still snack on healthier alternatives, such as fruit, raw vegetables, rice cakes and fat-free yogurts.

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Discover simple and tasty ways lớn eat a little healthier


The Eatwell Guide illustrates the proportion that each food group should ảo diệu in a healthy overall diet. It’s not necessary to lớn achieve this at every meal, but you should aim to do so over the period of a day or even a week.

Click on each section of the guide lớn find out more about each food group & its benefits.

The Eatwell Guide applies to most people regardless of weight, dietary restrictions/preferences or ethnic origin.

However, it doesn’t apply to lớn children aged under 2 years because they have different nutritional needs. Between the ages of 2 & 5 years, children should gradually progress lớn eating the same foods as the rest of the family, in the proportions shown in the Eatwell Guide.

Anyone with special dietary requirements or medical needs may want to kiểm tra with a registered dietitian on how to lớn adapt the Eatwell Guide to their individual needs.

To get further information and download the full Eatwell Guide (PDF), click here.

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Stay aware of salt

While salt is not featured on the Eatwell Plate, it’s still really important khổng lồ stay aware of how much salt is in the food you eat (adults should aim khổng lồ keep it to 6g a day or less - this is about a level teaspoon; children should have even less). Eating too much salt can raise your blood pressure và that can lead lớn an increased risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. Food labels often show the amount of sodium in a food. Lớn convert this khổng lồ salt, you need to multiply the amount by 2.5. For instance: ½ can chicken soup contains 800 micrograms of sodium, which is 2g salt – that’s a third of an adult’s daily maximum!

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Drinking for health

Keeping our bodies well hydrated is really important for our general health.

Adults should aim lớn drink around 1.5 – 2 litres of fluid each day (between 6–8 mugs/glasses of fluid). The best choices are water, lower fat milk, and sugar free drinks including tea and coffee.

A can of soft drink such as fizzy orange or cola can have up to lớn 8 teaspoons of sugar in it so it’s best lớn avoid these. Diet drinks and sugar-free squashes are a better alternative.

Fruit juice and smoothies count towards your total fluid intake, but remember these should be limited lớn 150ml each day because of their high sugar content.

Energy drinks often contain high levels of caffeine & are often high in sugar (calories). They may also contain other stimulants, và sometimes vitamins and minerals or herbal substances. They are not suitable for children & consumption should be limited in adults.

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Sports drinks can be useful for those involved in high-level endurance sports. For most people, water or milk is the healthier choice & the best way khổng lồ replace fluids lost through exercise. Sports drinks are no different from any other sugary soft drinks, which mean they"re high in calories và contribute to lớn tooth decay.