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In the ground breaking ceremony, inaugurated, inaugurated, two areas of work are considered by the event organizers:
1. Event equipments
Event equipment and tools play an important role in the inauguration, groundbreaking and groundbreaking organization as it contributes to 60% of the event. It can be equipment such as shelves, tents, furniture, machinery … as well as the preparation of ground, logistics tools …
Event personnel should consider selecting event organizers from reputable, professional providers, including support for installation and operation of such equipment. A team of skilled workers will help you to take care of other tasks in the event instead of spending time to urge the installation, set up. There are a lot of objective risks that can happen during the event so a team of skilled workers who help you manage your event equipment is better off than having your own work alone. You should tell your provider to bring your new equipment. Carpets that have been colored or stained will make your event lose aesthetics, aesthetics.
You also need to focus on the surface treatment before the event. Inaugural ceremonies, groundbreaking and groundbreaking are usually held at the construction site or are under construction, so it is unlikely the grounds will be as perfect as if you were in an already well-equipped place in the city. . If the venue is still rugged, submerged, or submerged, we need to level up, iron, stone chips, etc. or pallet to ensure the area is flat. Otherwise, it will lead to problems such as bumpy floor, convex or large cars entering the area of ​​the site is sinking.


In setting up the venue, attention should be paid to the appropriate areas: where is the parking lot, where is the venue, where the ceremony takes place … The direction of seating should also be considered. to help guests easily observe the stage and venue.
If there are party items, arrangements should be made to set up tables and chairs that can be changed dynamically. For example, when the ceremony is arranged in the form of the theater, after leading guests to visit the workshop back, the table has changed into a set menu with round tables to prepare for the party. Or the organizer could also set up a party tent next to the tent for the guests to move in. Many of the owners also showed more thoughtfulness to the guests by setting up a theater using the machine. cold with the walls covered. In remote locations, make sure you have spare generators and portable toilets in place.


Many investors consider rain in the inauguration ceremony, groundbreaking, groundbreaking … is a good omen bring more luck and money for them, many people have chosen to do events in the rainy season to get this auspicious , but the organizers will be harder when it comes to organizing the event in the rain. When the organization inaugurates, groundbreaking, ground breaking … in the rainy season, the event organizers need to have good preventive measures to prevent rain and storms to affect the organization.
Highlight ceremonies are often used during the ground-breaking ceremony, inaugurated with the participation of honor guests: earthen rituals (often used for groundbreaking) public, dropping balloons, ribbon cutting in the inaugural organization. Event attendants should pay attention to some rules that people in the profession often communicate with each other, for example, when performing the ceremony, the VIP guests are invited to the usual number 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 or 12. People usually invite 4 or 7 people, especially Chinese, because the sound of the 4 sounds like death or 7 sounds like “lovelorn” in “failure”. Some of the customers have quite customary customs, as Taiwanese customers often go to the nail site for rituals. Here the owner piles the foundation and then send lucky money to the followers. Some customers want to have a drum ring around their factory.
It should be noted that time allocation is reasonable, especially for locations away from the center. Visitors should pick up passengers and pick up passengers at the venue. At this time, travel time should be estimated, as well as possible incidents such as traffic accidents or traffic jams. Arrange the organization time accordingly. For early arrivals, it is likely that they will have to wait a long time before the event, so arrange a waiting room and have tea break for the guests.
A part that is indispensable in the groundbreaking events, groundbreaking, inaugurated in Asia, it is worship ritual. Often companies start work, groundbreaking, inauguration often employ geographers to date and time to organize events, and they often also do the worship and do spiritual rituals for this ceremony. . Event organizers often help these companies purchase rituals, usually roast pork, salt, rice, fruit, etc. Some good customers do not even skimp on the measurements. The distance from the cymbals to the table, from the sand box to the sand scraped .. with the hole board so that the distance falls into the “good word”, the event person needs to pay attention to this to please customers.
2. How to conduct the event (idea and staff)
In general, there should be a staff who is well versed in organizing the groundbreaking and groundbreaking events, thus opening the door to unexpected events. Coordination by the client is also important, the organizer of the event should assign responsibilities to the two parties. For example, customers should provide a guest list, confirm the presence of VIPs and officials, welcome guests and identify guests.