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Over the past 11 years of establishment and development, BiBo Mart has become the most prestigious mother & baby store in Vietnam. In TP. Ho Chi Minh City, BiBo Mart is continuing to expand the system, not only in the central districts, but also in the neighboring provinces and cities. On May 26, 1977, the chain of mother & baby store BiBo Mart has launched the 123 system at the Tam Hiep round, Bien Hoa.

The opening show was very exciting with the drum and drum dance, provided by CCEVENTS. Besides, BiBo Mart Tam Hiep also bring many attractive promotions on the opening day attracting a lot of Bien Hoa people to visit and shopping.

CCEVENTS is proud to be associated with BiBo Mart in organizing the grand opening of the 123rd system.

Here are some photos of the opening day, which we recorded with CCEVENTS staff:

Opening ceremony 123 store

Music and dance programs celebrate the opening ceremony.

Music and dance programs celebrate the opening ceremony.

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ESilicon Vietnam Limited was established in May 2010. The company specializes in the field of electronic circuit design and development of software supporting the electronic circuit design process.
Wishing to give employees a professional, fair and friendly working environment. On May 31st, CCEVENTS organized a children’s ceremony for eSilicon, and all staffs in the company could take part in the event.
This is a celebration of the International Children’s Day. At this point, the children will be participating in intellectual games such as: Japanese clay, assembly, coloring, origami art, 3D modeling …
CCEVENTS is pleased to be the organizer of this ceremony for the company eSilicon and look forward to long-term cooperation.

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