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In each event, customers always love the gift, gifts not only bring joy, joy to the recipient but also the means of promoting the image of the enterprise in the eyes of customers. The value of the gift is not in the gift but in the heart of the giver. CCEVENTS Co., Ltd is pleased to bring to you a gift production service. Event organizer CCEVENTS will bring to customers unique and fancy gift but not forget to integrate into it the sentiment of the business for customers.

Event Organizer CCEVENTS offers two packages of gift production services:

Produce and deliver gifts on request: souvenirs, desktop items: made of copper, glass, crystal, mica, wood, leather … and gift products: notebooks, T-shirts raincoat, umbrella, keychains, pens, cups, thermos bottle …

Producing, packaging, gift packaging


Contact us:

CCEVENTS CO., LTD – “A Passion To Perfect”

Hotline: (08) 6861 6857 – 0938 737 857 – 0902 997 857 

Email: info@ccevents.vn

Website: ccevents.vn

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