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Booth advertising is one of the fastest media companies to advertise their brand to customers. Booth is a space for advertising – promoting a product.
Booth ads do not have a certain size, depending on the size of the marketing campaign and space to put the booth they have different sizes. Advertising booth design is to design a space for advertising, promotion of a product, usually takes place in supermarkets, trade centers, fairs etc.
At every event, there is no lack of booth presence, to see that importance, the event organizer CCEVENTS honored to bring customers various booth items with many innovative designs, toxic Attractive, attracting customers easily.
CCEVENTS Trading Co., Ltd produces all kinds of booths as follows:
Produce common sales booth
It is the small booths with fixed business premises that we often call the store.
In this type CCEVENTS can produce 2 types:
– Small type of private open: fresh fruit shop, clothing shop …
– Kind of shop system: KFC, Kinh Do …


  • Produce sales booth at Fair, Supermarket
    Booth sales at the Fair in Vietnam are often small and simple because companies pay less attention to design, partly due to the fact that fairs with advertising booths are usually only licensed area Not enough to attract the number of visitors, so businesses are afraid to invest.
    However, for supermarket booths, the difference is different. Being a crowded place to visit, shopping, creating a sales booth while promoting your brand will bring many benefits to the business.
  • In addition, event organizer CCEVENTS also produces mini sales booths, outdoor activities …
    People in big cities are almost no stranger to this type of booth. Along the major roads you will see mini trucks such as fast food outlets, nutrition porridge, coffee shops … or in the outdoor sports events indispensable booth.
    In these two types of mobility, it is easy to move and easy to operate. Often, such mobile outlets are primarily intended to increase interactivity with users of chain stores.
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