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With Screen Time, you can manage your ứng dụng use, schedule time away from your devices, và more. You can change or turn off any of these settings at any time.

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In Screen Time, you can block apps and notifications for periods when you want time away from your devices. For example, you might want to lớn schedule downtime during meals or at bedtime.

Tap Downtime, then turn on Downtime.

Select Every Day or Customize Days, then set the start và end times.

During downtime, only calls, messages, và apps you choose lớn allow are available. You can receive calls from contacts you’ve selected lớn allow communication with during downtime, and you can use apps you’ve chosen khổng lồ allow at all times.

When you turn on downtime on demand, a five-minute reminder is sent before downtime is turned on. It stays on until the end of the day, or until the beginning of your scheduled downtime, if you’ve scheduled it.

Tap Downtime, then tap Turn On Downtime Until Tomorrow, or Turn On Downtime Until Schedule (if Scheduled is turned on).

To turn off downtime on demand, tap Turn Off Downtime.

Note: You can also turn on downtime on demand for a family member, either directly on their device, or through Family Sharing on your device.

Set limits for phầm mềm use

You can phối a time limit for a category of apps (for example, Games or Social Networking) và for individual apps.

Tap tiện ích Limits, then tap showroom Limit.

Select one or more app categories.

To mix limits for individual apps, tap the category name lớn see all the apps in that category, then select the apps you want khổng lồ limit. If you select multiple categories or apps, the time limit you phối applies khổng lồ all of them.

Tap Next, then mix the amount of time allowed.

To phối an amount of time for each day, tap Customize Days, then set limits for specific days.

When you finish setting limits, tap Add.

To temporarily turn off all ứng dụng limits, tap tiện ích Limits on the app Limits screen. To temporarily turn off a time limit for a specific category, tap the category, then turn off tiện ích Limit.

To remove a limit for a category, tap the category, then tap Delete Limit.

Set communication limits

In Screen Time, you can either allow or block communication—including incoming & outgoing phone calls, FaceTime calls, & messages—from certain contacts in iCloud, either at all times or during certain periods.

If you haven’t already turned on Contacts in iCloud, go lớn Settings  > <your name> > iCloud, then turn on Contacts.

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Tap Communication Limits, tap During Screen Time, then select one of the following for communication at all times (other than downtime):

Contacts Only: to lớn allow communication only with your contacts.

Contacts & Groups with at Least One Contact: khổng lồ allow one-on-one conversations only with people in your contacts & group conversations that include at least one person in your contacts.

Everyone: to allow conversations with anyone, including unknown numbers.

Tap Back at the đứng top left, then tap During Downtime.

The option you selected for During Screen Time is already mix here. You can change this setting lớn Specific Contacts, then choose one of the following:

Choose From My Contacts: to lớn select contacts lớn allow communication with during Downtime.

Add New Contact: To địa chỉ a person to your contacts & allow communication with that person during downtime.

If someone who’s currently blocked by your Communication Limit settings tries to call you or send you a message, their communication won’t go through.

If you try to hotline or send a message to lớn someone who’s currently blocked by your Communication Limit settings, their name or number appears in red in your danh mục of recent calls or messages, and your communication won’t go through. You can communicate with them when the communication limit is changed. If the limit applies only to lớn downtime, you receive a Time Limit message. You can resume communication with the contact when downtime is over.

To resume communication with contacts who are blocked by your Communication Limit settings, change the settings by following the steps above.

Choose apps và contacts you want lớn allow at all times

In Screen Time, you can specify apps that can be used, and contacts you can communicate with, at all times—even during downtime (for example, in the sự kiện of an emergency).

Go to lớn Settings  > Screen Time > Always Allowed.

Below Allowed Apps, tap

next to lớn an app to add or remove it from the Allowed Apps list.

To specify contacts you want to allow communication with, tap Contacts.

The option you selected in Communication Limits appears here. You can change this setting to lớn Specific Contacts, then choose one of the following:

Choose From My Contacts: khổng lồ select specific people khổng lồ allow communication with.

Add New Contact: To showroom a new tương tác and allow communication with that person.

Tap Back at the top left.

Set content and privacy restrictions

You can block inappropriate content and phối restrictions for iTunes Store & App Store purchases.

Tap nội dung & Privacy Restrictions, turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions, then tap options lớn set nội dung allowances for iTunes Store & App Store purchases, app use, nội dung ratings, & so on.

You can also mix a passcode that’s required before changing settings.

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To chia sẻ your Screen Time settings and reports across all your devices, make sure you’re signed in with the same ID and Share Across Devices is turned on.