Whether the event is successful or not originates from the very idea itself. The idea is “event soul”. So how to create the idea of organizing the event?

Creative event ideas

Idea creation is the primary task of the event, as a “guide” for organizing the event, meeting the needs of key stakeholders. . It is important to ensure that the idea of the event must be unique, novel, impressive and especially feasible.

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  • Form the idea of the event by personal brainstorming effortA useful tool for every event organizer to create an event idea is the Goldblatt (1997) 5WS model. The 5Ws model proposes a set of 5 key questions that need to be answered in designing the idea of the event: Why, Who, When, Where and What. 
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  • Why: Why events are organized?This is the identification of the type of event being held, possibly the enhancement of the brand image of the company / destination; to increase sales of the company; to promote a community program; To attract more visitors, … to launch a new product. Clearly define the objective of the event, providing the event organizer with directions that should continue to accomplish the goal. 
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  • Who: Who is involved in this event?It is important to identify key stakeholders to the event: those involved (board, board, staff, and audience or guests) and external stakeholders (media, politicians). Specify clearly who the sponsor wants to have the percent of event attendees and who their target audience is. 
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  • When: When will the event take place?Is there enough time to research and plan the event? Is the timing appropriate for the audience’s needs? Does the selection time coincide with other events? How is the weather during the event? In particular, outdoor events organized, if the expected date of holding a rainstorm will be catastrophic. Therefore, it is necessary to update weather information on the day of the event and prepare the appropriate backup plans. 
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  • Where: Where is the event held?The choice of event venue and venue design must balance the needs of event host, audience convenience, accessibility and cost. Typically, the impression of the destination / business / individual is highly dependent on the event atmosphere. Therefore, depending on the purpose, the organizers need to select the appropriate venue to meet the criteria for the success of the program. 
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  • What: All that needs to be done for the event.First of all, need to name the event. Event names play an important role in the event. It is possible to name the event in many ways: the name associated with the purpose, the name associated with the place, the name associated with the content, the name associated with the time, the name of the association of the above. Event organizers need to consider the following issues when naming events so that they can create catchy, charismatic and distinguishable events. 


Next, what is the event theme? What is the activity (main activity, supporting activity)? What resources are needed to get the facts? How should communication be made to attract donors, participants and visitors? ……. This should be coordinated with the needs and expectations of the audience, compatible with the Why, who, when and where of the event.

Develop event ideas through group exchanges

After each individual establishes his or her own ideas, collective intelligence is applied. All ideas of all individuals are considered, our goal is to discover ideas that are agreed upon by people and motivate people to do so. This is where the leadership skills of event managers must be promoted to harness ideas, synthesize content, and compromise compromise.

In a nutshell, the concept stage begins with each individual, followed by the event team and the people involved. The goal of this stage is to bring as many ideas as possible, not to the feasibility of ideas. Therefore, this is a period of need for ring and time events.


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