Roashow is one of the forms of outdoor advertising that marketers love very much. In the event, people often use roadshows to promote their products and services. How to make an effective roadshow to communicate to the event is what any event organizer cares about.
Roadshow mode is almost suitable for all products and services with the aim of promoting image and brand but it is best suited to new products because it creates a good visual and memo effect. Running a roadshow often accompanied by crew and decorated, dress quite eye catching should look very nice and interesting lineup. It is possible to combine branding roadshows and event announcements, or distribute product launch brochures, make games, activation, mobile workshops, film screenings, etc. at public venues such as parks, cultural houses, supermarkets, trade centers.
On vehicles for making roadshows, the most prevalent nowadays are motorcycles such as the Vespa, double bikes, single bikes, more impressive cars are a rider, pedicabs, even cars. Jeep, pickup truck, bus. Roadshow organizers can hire vehicles and recruit roadshows at CCEVENTS. To make the roadshow more eye-catching, CCEVENTS often decorate the car with paint or decal color matching the product’s identity to increase the level of brand recognition, and can hang banners, flags … to bring out for people on the road.
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In order to plan a roadshow, CCEVENTS needs to work with the customer to understand their needs and wants, the consistency of the vehicle, the number of employees, the time and location of the program. Time includes the duration and duration of a program, as there are a number of programs performed over a long period of time. The next is scheduling, CCEVENTS has specific plans of routes and roadshow delegations to go through, so that from the point of departure to departure to the point of completion to end does not overlap, especially When there are many delegations together in parallel.
Personnel for the program are usually PGs, PBs who are physically challenged, because this activity is carried out outdoors, salary for roadshows is higher than that of home workers. To drive all day in the hot sun and many traffic jams that still have to ensure the running progress and formation is a great effort. The role of the supervisor in running the roadshow is very important. This person will have the responsibility to follow closely to stabilize the team, instruct the PB, PG to perform, coordinate the activities of the delegation on the lines in a flexible way.
With the motto “Passion for perfection”, CCEVENTS is committed to providing our customers with the best roadshow program and high results.
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