Activation is not that hard, and you have plenty of time to consider modifying the unlocks, if today does not work well then tomorrow can draw experience to do better. Activation is usually difficult at the selection stage, training personnel so that quality and planning, control must be strictly. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when doing the activation to make the activation successful as expected.
  1. Location
There are some places that are familiar with Activation as a supermarket, you will not have much difficulty because they already have bar prices, service processes … But saying that does not mean you are upper Many supermarkets seem to take advantage of the distractions that bring you more benefits than the rents they collect from you. So they will make you follow their own rules, such as maximum booth height, staff must be absolutely punctual, do not open loud speakers, must stand in a certain area … , there are times when you are ready to be chased anymore, especially the supermarkets in the provinces.
At places like the market or grocery store, you’ll find it difficult to own a place, a narrow or unfavorable place to run programs, Post your furniture, but you will still encounter the stigma of the market sellers by shielding their sales space.
In the office buildings, you will have difficulty with each location, each with its own rules, and many places refuse to do. There are only two ways to do this: one is to contact each building and the other two lobby to protect each building to be implemented (if the program is simple as sampling).
  1. Staff
Personnel is always a stress issue in the Activation program. Because at the activation point there are only a few PGs, PB is the face of the brand to communicate with the customer, while the limited management team may not cover all points at the same time. Moreover, the characteristic feature of most Activation activities is to interact directly with customers, so if the employees do not convey the information and messages of the brand to customers successfully, Program management is a waste.
I know there is a road biking roadshow program where the project leader is just sitting at home receiving a visual report. The team that runs the car that goes through the road, do what during the work … they completely do not grasp.
Some of the problems that often happen in the workplace are usually delayed, unprofessional, halted, sampling the wrong person, work without quality, do not smile, get tired of work …), product knowledge and communication (do not know the product information, read the product name, not say the words They want to tell their customers.
You can prevent these by carefully preparing, carefully training the staff. The training materials should be described in detail, stating the absolute points of personnel should not be violated and have a clear punishment regime. The time sheet should clearly show the time each employee starts work and breaks to ensure seriousness, no delayed departure.
In order to avoid personnel shortages, you should take certain measures (your company usually recruited personnel through a third party, they usually keep the ID card and ask the HR staff to hold the 100k to the end. refund program), there have been cases where the company recruited nearly 100 PG over 2 days off 50% of that. The person in charge of the role of the clerk is very important, so choose the one you can trust, avoid the case where the program starts running and contact with them can not finally contact the personnel they are. management always.
The secret and independent supervisor should be assigned to monitor the work situation of the personnel in order to rectify them in time, even if you already have other managers such as supervisor, team leader, project leader …
  1. Booth, sampling, gift, equipment…
Goods, gifts for activation, whether valuable or low value, you also need to preserve the data, the difference after use compared with the client hand over to the right, coincident with the goods. actual inventory. This will make the client appreciate your tightness. Many agencies lose their gifts because their subordinate employees lose their goods and presents during the program run, ultimately failing to know how to deal with this because the value of gift loss is negligible. But if they prepare a clear handover of goods from the warehouse to the management, from management to the lower level staff, and there are regulations from the beginning, such as loss of gifts will be equivalent to how much. Money will make the staff more aware of the store
  1. Outpost
Recently, a company made Activation program at several thousand grocery stores with lists provided by clients. During the run, they said that more than 30% of grocery stores were not found, especially in rural areas or the shop owners could not do it. The problem was that the PB team, PG is still roaming the road waiting for the company to contact the client to resolve. Finally, the solution was not successful, PG, PB are on but still have to pay them and the client complained about the quality of work.
Sometimes, just because you save money or not thoroughly in the survey stage, you spend more time, money to fix the problem and also affect the quality and progress of the program.
  1. Logistics
A very important part of Activation is logistics. Such as inventory management, work equipment, transportation issues, travel problems …
When activation, there are many problems related to hire purchase such as personnel need to roll tape, roll paper towels, micro pin, photo report form … If not prepared for personnel, they It can be difficult to find a place to work or buy at high prices. These costs are not much but the small contribution is big and will be a significant expense for you to save the cost of increasing the profits for the program. So be prepared to give them everything they need, and specify the maximum amount to use to avoid waste, disposable and lost.
In terms of eating and rest of the staff, you should have clear regulations on the work regime, allocation of fixed limit travel and hotel money amount a day and let the staff active spend within that limit. So you completely control your budget, no human being bring a lot of bills and your company has to bite the teeth.
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