It'S A Good Idea To See Your Doctor Regularly For An


Most people view going lớn the doctor as a hassle, especially the self-employed. As someone who likely has a demanding work schedule that can span beyond the limits of a traditional 9-to-5, going lớn the doctor may seem lượt thích an unnecessary burden. Work is crazy enough, và the last thing you want to vị is give up the little miễn phí time you have to go to lớn a doctor’s office.

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Here’s the thing: if you wait until you’re already sick to lớn go to the doctor, you may over up spending more time và money on healthcare than you could have if you’d kept things in check. We look at a few reasons why you should go to the doctor, even if you’re not sick.


1. Relationship-building with your primary care physician

If you’ve been slacking on visiting your primary care doctor, now is a great time khổng lồ select one (if you don’t already have one) and begin building that relationship. Why is this relationship important? Having a trusted doctor you visit regularly means you have someone who knows the ins & outs of your medical history và who can help you plan for a healthy future. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past, but that shouldn’t keep you from focusing on healthy times ahead. Find a doctor that is right for you và who you trust. It could be the start to a beautiful, life-saving relationship!


2. Identify any health risks

Another great reason to lớn get in touch with your doctor is to make sure there aren’t any hazardous health risks looming unchecked. It’s especially important to check in with your doctor if your family has a history of high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or other chronic and serious conditions. Family history could put you at risk, too, and you don’t want lớn wait to lớn find out. Visiting with your doctor can identify any risks and also help you put together a plan to lớn lower your risk and determine any additional tests you may need.


3. Keep your toàn thân balanced

The body is a complex machine that consists of many interconnected systems that keep it running. Just lượt thích an engine, the body needs khổng lồ be checked from time khổng lồ time to lớn make sure all systems are running as expected & that everything is in good condition. Things like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, & other vitals & markers should be tracked & monitored over time. Changes may signal that something is wrong or that something in one’s diet or environment needs khổng lồ be adjusted.

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4. Healthy mind matters

In addition lớn keeping your physical toàn thân in check, it’s important to keep tabs on your mental state too. Many people are at risk for depression and may not even know it. They may also be at increased risk due to lớn different factors. Since it can be difficult lớn recognize symptoms on our own, visiting a doctor can ensure we don’t miss something important with our mental health. Routine mental health screenings can detect any warning signs và keep our mental health in check before more serious problems arise.


5. For prevention

Health prevention is critical for long-term health. Routine screening tests, lab work, and vaccines can prevent serious issues from occurring later on. Checking in with your doctor khổng lồ ensure that you’re on track with any health screenings or lab work that may be due is important. At the very least, don’t forget khổng lồ get your flu shot each year!

6. For peace of mind

Everyone has likely played the (not-so-fun) trò chơi of “Google my symptoms.” With the internet và sites lượt thích WebMD, it’s easy và tempting to lớn consider yourself a professional and to self-diagnose what could be wrong. Unfortunately, you’re just not qualified. Self-diagnosing based on mạng internet articles alone is not only a bad idea, but can lead khổng lồ unnecessary worry & fear.

Opt khổng lồ visit with your trusted primary care doctor instead. She will understand your chất lượng medical history & be able khổng lồ provide a personalized evaluation that exceeds the limitations of your generic WebMD diagnosis. Schedule an appointment with your doctor so she can paint the full health picture for you — & provide any necessary treatment lớn keep you in your best health.

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