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You were just invited to lớn a các buổi party by a friend of yours. You really want to lớn go, but then you kiểm tra your schedule. It turns out that you have a prior obligation. How bởi vì you tell your friend that you can’t attend in a language both you và they can understand?To decline an invitation in English, you can try these phrases:Sorry, I have other plans. I’ll definitely go next time!I wish I could make it, but I can’t. I have a test that day.

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I have something else going on that day, sorry!I’m really busy that week, so I can’t go. Can we hang out later?Keep reading for more ways lớn formally và informally turn down invitations. I’ll even chia sẻ how you can say maybe and yes in a way that fits the situation. Let’s get started! HOW khổng lồ RESPOND lớn INVITATIONS IN ENGLISH

Casual và Formal Ways lớn Turn Down an Invitation in English 

Whether it’s a work dinner you have lớn miss or a niece’s third birthday party, sometimes you’ll have lớn turn down an invitation because of other commitments.Navigating what lớn say in English when declining an invitation can be difficult if you’re still learning the language. Oversharing your plans or saying too much could hurt the other person’s feelings or get you in trouble at work. Going the vague approach though can make you seem standoffish và rude. AdvertisementsYou’ll want to handle what you say with care then. You also want to lớn make sure you watch your wording. A casual rejection of a professional invitation isn’t really appropriate. Here are some ways lớn turn someone down for an sự kiện invite, both casually & formally.

Casual Ways of Turning Down an Invitation 

I’m sorry, but I have other plans that day.Thanks for thinking of me/us, but I have something else going on that day.Sorry, can I take a raincheck? I really wish I could make it, but I’ll be unavailable that whole day. I want khổng lồ go over the vocabulary here a bit. When you ask somebody for a raincheck, that means that you’re requesting you two meet up another time. A raincheck is a literal check that was once issued to lớn people at outdoor events due khổng lồ the rain. The raincheck concept hasn’t stuck around, but the term has. When you say you “wish you could make it,” you’re not talking about literally making something. You’re saying you wish you could go, but you’re using a casual term to lớn express it. You can say “make it,” in a positive way as well. For example, if you could go lớn your friend’s party, you’d tell them something like, “I can definitely make it. I can’t wait to lớn see you there!”

Formal Ways of Turning Down an Invitation

Thank you very much for the invitation, but unfortunately, I can’t make it. I’m very busy that day/week, so I won’t be able to lớn join you.Thank you for extending the invitation khổng lồ me, but I’m not available that day. I’m really busy with work. Can we have a meeting later this week?Sorry, I appreciate the invitation, but I won’t be able lớn go. I have a big project that I have to lớn complete. Let’s talk later this week about how the event went.Sometimes, whether turning down someone formally or informally, they may ask you why you can’t attend. Here’s what you might say khổng lồ get you out of the situation:My child has a big soccer game that day & I definitely can’t miss it.I have a doctor’s appointment that afternoon.I’m working in the morning & I’ll be pretty tired after, so I want to lớn rest for the day.I have to lớn drive a family thành viên of mine khổng lồ the airport and I don’t know how long I’ll be gone.I’m going to lớn a concert/sporting sự kiện that day.

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To keep the relationship between you and this other person in good standing, end the conversation positively. Here are some good phrases to lớn use:Sorry again I can’t make it, but I hope you enjoy your party!It looks like it’ll be a great day for a barbecue, so have fun. I’ll be there next time!We should definitely hang out next week when I get a little more time, okay?I’ll be there in spirit.I’ll be thinking of you!To say that you’ll “be there in spirit” has nothing to vị with being deceased, by the way. Instead, it’s a nice phrase that means your spirit will be there at the party, even if you physically cannot be. 

Casual and Formal Ways Say Maybe to Invitations in English 

What if you find yourself in another predicament? This time, you receive an invitation from a friend or work colleague, but you’re not sure if you can attend. You don’t want lớn say no right away in case you’re not busy. You’re not comfortable telling them yes, either. What vị you say?In such a situation, you want lớn answer with a maybe.In keeping with the formal and informal approach, here are some phrases I’d recommend when you have to say maybe lớn an invitation.

Casual Ways of Saying Maybe khổng lồ an Invitation

Thanks for the invite! I think I’m busy that day, but I’ll let you know. Wow, this sounds like fun. I think I should be able to make it, but I’m not sure. Thanks for inviting me! Can I let you know if I can go tomorrow?I’ll have to check with my (spouse/partner/friend you’re bringing) và see if they’re available. Let me get back lớn you.I’m not sure right now if I can go, but I can tell you later. 

Formal Ways of Saying Maybe to an Invitation

Let me look over my schedule. I’ll let you know shortly.I can confirm my acceptance at a later date. I should have a good idea by whether I can accept. If something changes before then, I’ll reach out to you immediately. I appreciate the invitation, but I cannot confirm right this moment. 

Casual and Formal English Phrases for Accepting Invitations 

You won’t turn down every last invitation from friends and family. When you’re sure you can make it and you would love khổng lồ attend, how vày you let the other person know? I’d suggest learning these casual và formal phrases.

Casual Ways of Accepting an Invitation

This sounds lượt thích a lot of fun. I wouldn’t miss it!I will definitely be there. Can’t wait!Thanks for the invite. You can count me in. I’m down. Can I bring anything? I want lớn go over the vocabulary for two of these phrases. When you say “you can count me in,” it means that you’ll be among the participants. It’s just a different way of saying “I’ll be there.”If you’re familiar with “you can count on me,” that means something different. It’s referring khổng lồ your reliability. “You can count on me” is another way to lớn say “you can trust me”.Here’s another casual English phrase that might not make sense as you learn the language. When you tell someone “you’re down,” it doesn’t mean you’ve fallen down. When used in this context, it also doesn’t mean your mood is down, in that you’re sad.Instead, it’s an informal way khổng lồ say that you’re accepting an invitation to vị something, such as going to lớn your friend’s party. Rather than using this slang directly, you can also try saying something like “sure thing” or “I’m in.” They mean the same thing.

Formal Ways of Accepting an Invitation 

The above phrases are definitely those you want khổng lồ reserve around close friends and family only. Here are some ways khổng lồ express enthusiasm about an sự kiện you can attend in more formal language. I would be delighted to lớn accept your invitation.Thank you for inviting me. I will see you there.I am available on and will gladly see you then.I am very pleased lớn confirm that I will be attending the event.

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Have you received an invite to an sự kiện you can’t attend? You want lớn tell the person you can’t go without causing them any offense. Finding the right words to use in English can be difficult if you’ve never dealt with such a situation before.The formal & informal phrases I shared in this article are all great ones to lớn learn. Now you can confidently accept, reject, và even say maybe to lớn invitations from friends, family, & work colleagues. Best of luck!If you liked this article, please nội dung it with your friends. Thanks for reading!

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