[OCTOBER EBOOK] REVIEW “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”


[OCTOBER EBOOK] REVIEW “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Do you know of any special events this year? Yes, of course the Halloween festival.

To mention halloween, we often think of mysterious, strange, horror and equally scared. So, this October, CCEVENTS will donate you a special ebook novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This is a three-volume series by American writer Ransom Riggs, the next two books are “Hollow City” and “The Library of Souls.



Ransom Riggs has given us a great story. He built an orphanage for special children. There, “there was a flying girl, a bee-keeping boy in the body, a brother and a sister who could lift the rocks over his head.” guarded by a bird – a hawk smoked pipe “named Peregrine.



Everything begins after the death of Abe – grandfather Jacob. According to his meteoric rise, he embarked on a quest to find Peregrine’s Peculiar Children’s Home , which had been mentioned in ancient stories. And it is here that Jacob not only discovers the mystery of his body but also knows that it turns out all the grandfather tales are telling – things he has always considered fairy tales – again. absolutely true. From here, Jacob embarked on a whole new adventure and it was this adventures that transformed his ordinary life into colorful and varied emotions.




Reading this book, you will find that your emotions go up and down in Jacob’s steps. The joy of listening to his grandfather Abe tells the story of the beast, the faint of what you always proud to be pulled out sarcastic, the pain when losing relatives, the fear of seeing the “monster”… Ransom Riggs was very successful in expressing Jacob’s feelings in each of his sentences.




The story is always surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere by the appearance of the “special” children. Prayer for the “special” children in wartime that still suffer alienation, rejection. The protection of the President Peregrine has brought his life to a whole new page. Have you felt love, warmth between people and people.

Ransom Riggs has brought you a story full of thrilling, mysterious, but equally warm, full of human. Read Peregrine’s Special Child Camp and experience the magic of Ransom Riggs.


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