This month, CCEVENTS is pleased to present to you – especially you and your mother to take care of your baby “Để con được ốm”.

Birth of a child is the greatest of the women in life, so that those who first motherhood will inevitably bewildered, anxious. In addition to consulting the books and materials consulted by the doctor, many seek out social networking sites, which offer a myriad of ways to look after the “personal experience” of the mother.

Also, can not ignore the folk tips are communicated to each other about raising children, curing common diseases … among them many serious wrong methods. Therefore, this book to become a unique work into the issue of child care and the inadequacies in Vietnamese society, among Vietnamese families, among the members of the house.



“Để con được ốm” is probably a mother’s diary through stories from the practical experience that Uyen Bui has experienced from birth to birth and becomes a healthy girl. . Along with the interesting little stories of the mother, there is a specific professional response from Dr. Tri Do, helping to resolve misunderstandings from folklore experiences as well as scientifically explaining the information. Deviations are being transmitted now, bringing the best view for each phenomenon.

Other than the kind of dry medical education that is hard to understand, such as the majority of books on child care in the market, so that the sick child is divided into two, with one mother’s side on one side. doctor advice. As a result, mothers will feel closer and more functional than ever before. Daily tasks such as eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. are easy for the child but they must be carefully adjusted.

More than a regular medical book around basic care for children ages 0-5 years, To have a baby includes the attitude of parenting, that in order to be able to grow up, You have the right to get sick, get sick; and so there is no right to be compared … to the neighbor’s child. The book helps to correct both old and new parenting ideas that are full of misconceptions and misinformation, providing the latest published and researched medical knowledge that helps parents More confident in the process of raising a child.

Every mother loves her so she always wants her to be protected so she does not have the chance to come in contact with the disease. That love is right, but not good for the child. The disease in children is mostly infectious, viral infection … The disease that is prevented, the child must be entitled to disease, meaning that parents have to give birth to the body, antibodies, “- Tri doctor. The simple and clear sharing of this science has made many mothers start to self start because it turned out, I’m harming you!

Saying that does not mean affirmation. To sick child is the “encyclopedia” healers in children. Simply, it is just sharing and encouraging to young mothers in particular and families in general. Hopefully, the book will make parents feel like a cool breeze to “take off”, “fly” the thought, the wrong prejudices as the solid armor of child care when as well as when healthy.

Theo Hà Linh

Link Ebook: Google Drive Để Con Được Ốm



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