Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined

IPA: It stands for the International Phonetic Association which was first published in 1888. Its objective is to lớn define sounds of speech that applies to lớn all languages.

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Hence, we conclude that ‘food’ has a different sound.
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Q2. From the options given below choose the correct collectivenoun you will use for 'woodpecker’.
Q4. Fill inthe blanks in the sentence below with suitable articles. Choose youranswer fromthe given options.Large tremors can cause perturbationsin _______ Earth’s gravitational field - & as these signalstravel at _______ tốc độ of light, theyopen up _______ possibility of much more rapid detection of quake magnitude.
Q5. From the options given below choose the correct type that represents the noun in the highlighted word:Cruelty to lớn animals is a punishable offence.
Q7. From the options given below choose the one that can not use 'colony' as its collective noun.
Q8. What kind of adjectives are used in the following sentence? A live ass is better than a dead lion.
Q9. “The lionis a fierce wild animal.”In this sentence (the underlined words) 'The lion' stands for -
Q10. Combine the pair of sentences given below into one sentence choosing the right conjunction provided below:He was busy. He attended lớn me.

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Q1. Direction: Find the error in the given questionSuman could not went (A)/ khổng lồ picnic, because (B)/ her mother was not well (C)/ No error (D)/
Q2. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the givensentence in reported speech.Sahil said khổng lồ Sameer, “Take rest if you are tired. I will vày your work.”
Q3. Fill in the blank with the right form of the word.One day a thirsty lamb went ______ water from a stream.
Q4. Directions: Fill in the blank of the sentence using one from the words, idioms or phrases providedin the four alternatives.He had already published a novel and it was an unexpected success. He thought his _______.
Q5. Directions: Change the following compound sentence into simple sentence.We must eat, or we cannot live.
Q6. Direction: Choose the part of the sentence which has an error.That Brutus, who was his trusted friend (A)/had attacked (B)/ on him caused (C) / heartbreak lớn Julius Caesar (D).
Q7. Direction: Fill in the blank space with correct words from the four choices given below.When she _______ back the answer script, she saw she _______ several mistakes.
Q8. Direction: Choose the right option that can fill the blank in the most appropriate way.I am only a student, _______?
Q9. Direction: Change the following simple sentence into a complex sentence.He succeeded unexpectedly.

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Q10. From the options given below, fill in the blank with the correct adjective.Ashutosh has come up with some ________ new ideas to save the earth from being polluted.