I am Beto – the self-proclaimed self-assertion of a dog, which appears in the final chapter, but is meant to lead the way from the beginning. It’s a dog talk with dog friends, like Bino, who both lives with her nanny and her parents, and her great-grandmother – in another place where she has a new friend, Laica. Look, think and behave in the way of dogs, in addition to hundreds of “interesting things in life” we also recognize the good distinction – bad in the human world, a sense of innocence in the view of Beto, then of Beto – Bino, who is “human” in the middle of childhood, is preparing to be adults.


Choose the main character is a dog – animal close, familiar and most intelligent people, of course, the nature of the character, activities, and … the language of the dog; At the same time, as a dog to look at life, the author is also mindful, adult age physiology, which shows how adults should behave in the child, in the turning point from baby to adult, An important turning point, if not the most important, in the path of one’s life.



Writing for children, in my opinion, is hardest at this age. They are no longer children to think of naive, funny things. But they are not adults yet to hear and understand what only adults can hear and accept.


The most important message from I am Beto is friendship, the kind of sentiment that brings people from the family to society; is a look out of the family, or look at the family in attachment to society. Seeing how Nguyen Nhat Anh chose and broadened the relationships and behavior of Beth to the surrounding and around Bethesda, we can imagine the face of our children at this age, in the world we live in today. That is also the basis for understanding a story for children to achieve its true value will also be a good work for adults.


“I am Beto” was written by Nguyen Nhat Anh with the language of the main character, is the language of the child. It is not the language of a certain person in the third person that will make the story long and dry, but can not contain all the green of life. But how to avoid the presence of Nguyen Nhat Anh, who runs the whole story, who passed through Beto to tell the story in a style that I think is very neat, very nice; a style that shows the writer is very own and very love the subject of his survey. To say it is the right kind of writing for children at an age that is very necessary for the rich, the delicate and the mind between the mind and the words. And, not only the survey but also the summary for children to get used to the thoughts, including the philosophy of life, which always exist around them as light, like air, to them It’s not too late to get rid of all the gifts of childhood, and go with them all along the way.


A natural way of telling stories of ordinary life is not tedious, accommodating new ideas and innocent philosophies, expanding the life of the infant world, and cultivating the emotions that characterize The transition from child to adult, from family to society – that is good, my attraction is Beto. It’s been such a long time since I read a story like that!


Phong Lê – Giang Baka

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