[DECEMBER EBOOK] Review “A Christmas Carol”


[DECEMBER EBOOK] Review “A Christmas Carol”

10 lessons from “A Christmas Carol” of Charles Dickens

The 173-year-old British novel, which has been reprinted in the country, contains many of the philosophies and lessons of art that live sustainably over time.

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol has been bilingually translated as Christmas by the First News in English-Vietnamese translations.

The story is about life of Ebenezer Scrooge who was stingy, scrawny. However, this unsettled old man had a great deal of thought, emotion, and awareness following the visit of “supernatural guests” on Christmas Eve, such as Jacob Marley, Ghosts of Christmas Birth Past, Present, and Future.



The character Ebenezer Scrooge is the embodiment of the harsh winter. But winter also must pass to spring joyful all over the place. Therefore, Scrooge’s heart, despite the icy, harsh, deep in the pit of the fire of good legs. “The flames” grew stronger, melting the layers of cold memory as he looked at each page of his life.

Dickens’ work is not merely a story but also a song from the life experience of the author, from observations in life, from beautiful desires for the future. Thus, A Christmas Carol was published 2,583 times, translated into 50 languages. This is also a very transformed work: 23 plays, 51 movie films … A Chirstmas Carol with 3D animated version (2009) is also popular with Vietnamese audiences.

Here are ten lessons contained in Dickens’ timeless fable, according to Slideshare:

Cherish the simplicity

Money is not everything. Do not see the purpose of life is to accumulate as much wealth as possible. We should learn to be happy with what we have and realize the benefits of simplicity.

Do not stingy

The right attitude for money is that money is flowing. You need to spend more money “flowing” into our lives. We need to spend money for something useful, meaningful.

Do not rush into work day and night, do not rest on the weekend. If you spend all your time on the job, you will not have the opportunity to spend your income. Do not feel guilty when you work less. Spend your free time on things that matter more, outside of work. If we feel satisfied, comfortable with the job is too good. But if we just plug in the work, our life will be seriously imbalanced.

Can not bring anything when leaving the world

On the eve of Christmas, Ebeneezer was visited by the soul of his late friend Jacob Marley. Marley was wrapped around the chains, saying that after death, people would be punished for their sins by forever wearing such heavy chains. When I leave, I will leave everything, can not bring anything. Even the richest can not carry money when leaving the world.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Failure is also part of the learning process, learning from mistakes and the success of others is a great ability. Life is short, more than losing together. Observation and learning help us to progress quickly, and we do not need to imbue ourselves with the “bloody experience.”

Be thankful for what you have

In the story of Dickens, though Tiny Tim is from a poor family, he still cherishes the warmth and generosity of his loved ones around him.



The past – What lesson did I learn?

Ghosts The past represents the enlightenment, intelligence, experiences we have collected from the past. Therefore, let go of the past mistakes, only to take lessons to improve more for the present and future life. Scrooge realized that he was a dull, old man. He lost all his love and hope when he was young. Then he changed, became good, helped the poor.

Do the most important things, the most meaningful for the present

Only you are the person who gives you the opportunity, today and in this moment, whether you are poor or rich in money. You can choose to make your life happier today. Today, do your best, and the future will take care of itself. Richness does not matter by living happy, and can find happiness from sharing, helping people.

Leave legacy for the future

What happens if your success inspires the person you love to start pursuing their dreams?

What happens if they come to you and say, “You have inspired me. I know what to do to express my gratitude! ”

And what if they were doing great influence in the world – thanks to you decided to pursue a dream and do meaningful things in your life.



Change yourself, change the world

After the visit of three ghosts and looking back on his life, old Scrooge awakens with a new vigor. He became a completely different person after only one night. Now, he looks at life with a new perspective, recognizing the importance of the people around him.


Ebook PDF: Hồn ma đêm Giáng Sinh



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