On the path of realizing our dreams, each of us will face the challenge, but challenging and courageous to overcome is the way we approach our dreams. I caught that in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist. In a simple tone, he cleverly communicated the deep meaning of life, dreams and love. The philosophy of life seems simple but sometimes I do not recognize.

Many people will wonder, “Who is alchemist?”. They were medieval chemists, seeking to make gold from ordinary metals, to find gold and to give birth to old age, things that people were longing for. But the alchemist is not the main character, he is the character that plays a key role in the main character – Santiago sheep boy continues to pursue the dream.

The whole story is Santiago’s adventure of pursuing his destiny, his dream, experiencing so many hardships to come to treasure in a dream. He did not do a priest who made a shepherd to roam around the world, so that one day, in his dream, he saw treasure in the pyramid waiting for him to discover, and the journey begins. He sells the sheep and then goes to Africa to find his way. In order to save enough money, and then to continue his dream, he meets the Englishman who aspires to be an alchemist, and they both accompany a brigade toward the vast desert, and he met his destiny here, girl named Fatima – girl of the desert.


A book is not thick but imbibed the philosophy of life, as the old man called the king of Salem told Santiago when they saw the guy selling ice cream – a person who wants to sell ice cream to save money to travel around – “He does not understand that people can always fulfill their dreams,” and when he wants you to change the tenth of the sheep he has let him just tell him about how to find treasure. You promise to pay the price you do not own, then you will have lost the will to achieve it. Your words teach me one thing is never to delay your dream, but plan to do it. The seller of the ice cream that sells ice cream to earn enough money later gets to many places, which is not wrong, but if he is old enough not to have enough health, can he still fulfill his dream, and until he makes enough money is a long time, until then, if he still remember what he had dreamed of? I’m a ice cream seller, or say with a heart that wait a while longer, I’ll do what I planned, but life is always busy so I find the reason for delaying them, and forever To this day, they are just paper plans and I have not had a start yet, as long as I do not seem to have the energy to do them. He also taught me that any success, aspiration, want to get paid by what he owns, because regret, so we have a motivation to realize the dream, If we promised something that was not there, we would soon be discouraged from dreading, reluctant to step back, because we know we do not lose anything.

In addition to the lessons of the dream, I also learned the lesson of happiness: “The secret of happiness is to see everything in this world without forgetting two drops of oil on the spoon” in the story. which the king of Salem had told him before he departed. Happiness is when we enjoy life but not forget our responsibility, that’s all but not everyone can do it! Someone stared at the two drops of oil on the spoon so did not catch up to the beautiful animals, people are absorbed in the gorgeous things that forget two drops of oil. In both cases, people are unhappy because when people reconcile both things, find the balance we can see how much relief and peace of mind, we can live well with ourselves : do not pressure nor pardon.



Santiago has been robbed of money on the land he has just arrived, where he does not understand the language of the indigenous people, nor did he know anyone. Alone alone wandering wandering a penny in a strange land, strange people, he is like many people, disappointed because life is not like a dream. But then, he gave us a mirror of positive thinking and stood up after the difficulty: “I can see the world or with the eyes of a robbery robbed or of an adventurer. way to find treasure “and he chose to be an adventurer, choose to work as a hired shop for a crystal shop, choose to learn Arabic, choose to help bosses attract customers, choose to continue doing his thing dream. You see, hope or despair sometimes only by my own thoughts!

And heaven does not offend people! Leaving the crystal shop, he joins the desert caravan, befriends the Englishman, meets Fatima and the alchemist, and then contemplates on the philosophy of life, the views of love. “There is always someone waiting in the world, whether in the desert or in the big city. And when the two of them meet, and their gaze looks at each other, then the past of the future is no longer important, there is only that moment and the absolute belief that everything under the sky is all by one hand. pre-recorded; This hand has germinated love and a pre-determined mind is available for each person to care, work, rest, and search for treasures near the sky. If not then the dream of man is meaningless. ” It was Fatima who gave him all the trust he needed to fulfill his wish when he wanted to stay in the oasis forever to elect her all the way. The girl who always believed in the desert was given the most treasures – the love of Santiago. A man who loves to wait, waiting for his lover to fulfill his dream, waiting for him, trust him will return to his. “If you are a part of your destiny, one day you will return” – that is true and true love, noble and sacrificial. It strengthened Santiago, so that when he met the alchemist, received many useful advice from him, he finally made long aspirations. Even if the robbers finally appear again, robbing his fortune, but what does that mean, money is no longer important anymore. He looked at the pyramid, feeling the pyramid look at him smiling, that was enough. Your treasure is the lessons learned during the adventure, the true love in life.

Not every one of us has the courage to pursue our dreams, accept the trade-offs, persevere and bravely stand up to the challenge of Santiago. Just to live up to his dreams and determination, a shepherd boy can go through the long journey to reach the pyramid. The human life is meaningless only when there is nothing to dream and fear to fail even more than failure because once we are afraid, we have lost all courage to continue to conquer the journey to success.


Not only does it have a deep meaning, but each story is like a fairy tale, a book devoted to symbolism, language and the cosmic world. The alchemist’s turn of things can not be a symbol of energy and determination to pursue dreams, constantly moving forward.

This wonderful book has taught me the lesson of reason and heart, about how to look and feel everything around me. The character of Santiago is based on the character of the author himself. He was resilient as a writer rather than an engineer. “Alchemist” was a dull book, but he persevered. And finally the sweet came to him as hundreds of millions of people around the world embraced this work as a guide for their journey. There is no need for rhetoric. It was a little bit of imagination that made “The Alchemist” come true in the heart, becoming the favorite book of many, including former President Bill Clinton.

Review by Trương Quế Anh

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