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Providing ritual equipment

In addition to the basic groundbreaking ritual, some enterprises have rituals according to their own beliefs for the groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration. Especially in the present integration period, in addition to the rituals of Vietnam, the event organizers will be exposed to the rituals of foreign businesses. So it is necessary for event organizers to have a basic knowledge of the rituals of different cultures. This will help the event organizer expand the prospect audience.
Accordingly, businesses will arise the need to find ritual supplies of quality and prestige for the groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration. To meet the above demand, CCEVENTS Trading Co., Ltd would like to introduce to you the service of providing ritual supplies. We provide ritual supplies upon request, according to the theme of the groundbreaking ceremony – inauguration.






For your convenience, we offer a full range of event services, including a full range of event facilities, including essential ritual items.
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