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On the path of realizing our dreams, each of us will face the challenge, but challenging and courageous to overcome is the way we approach our dreams. I caught that in Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist. In a simple tone, he cleverly communicated the deep meaning of life, dreams and love. The philosophy of life seems simple but sometimes I do not recognize.

Many people will wonder, “Who is alchemist?”. They were medieval chemists, seeking to make gold from ordinary metals, to find gold and to give birth to old age, things that people were longing for. But the alchemist is not the main character, he is the character that plays a key role in the main character – Santiago sheep boy continues to pursue the dream.

The whole story is Santiago’s adventure of pursuing his destiny, his dream, experiencing so many hardships to come to treasure in a dream. He did not do a priest who made a shepherd to roam around the world, so that one day, in his dream, he saw treasure in the pyramid waiting for him to discover, and the journey begins. He sells the sheep and then goes to Africa to find his way. In order to save enough money, and then to continue his dream, he meets the Englishman who aspires to be an alchemist, and they both accompany a brigade toward the vast desert, and he met his destiny here, girl named Fatima – girl of the desert.


A book is not thick but imbibed the philosophy of life, as the old man called the king of Salem told Santiago when they saw the guy selling ice cream – a person who wants to sell ice cream to save money to travel around – “He does not understand that people can always fulfill their dreams,” and when he wants you to change the tenth of the sheep he has let him just tell him about how to find treasure. You promise to pay the price you do not own, then you will have lost the will to achieve it. Your words teach me one thing is never to delay your dream, but plan to do it. The seller of the ice cream that sells ice cream to earn enough money later gets to many places, which is not wrong, but if he is old enough not to have enough health, can he still fulfill his dream, and until he makes enough money is a long time, until then, if he still remember what he had dreamed of? I’m a ice cream seller, or say with a heart that wait a while longer, I’ll do what I planned, but life is always busy so I find the reason for delaying them, and forever To this day, they are just paper plans and I have not had a start yet, as long as I do not seem to have the energy to do them. He also taught me that any success, aspiration, want to get paid by what he owns, because regret, so we have a motivation to realize the dream, If we promised something that was not there, we would soon be discouraged from dreading, reluctant to step back, because we know we do not lose anything.

In addition to the lessons of the dream, I also learned the lesson of happiness: “The secret of happiness is to see everything in this world without forgetting two drops of oil on the spoon” in the story. which the king of Salem had told him before he departed. Happiness is when we enjoy life but not forget our responsibility, that’s all but not everyone can do it! Someone stared at the two drops of oil on the spoon so did not catch up to the beautiful animals, people are absorbed in the gorgeous things that forget two drops of oil. In both cases, people are unhappy because when people reconcile both things, find the balance we can see how much relief and peace of mind, we can live well with ourselves : do not pressure nor pardon.



Santiago has been robbed of money on the land he has just arrived, where he does not understand the language of the indigenous people, nor did he know anyone. Alone alone wandering wandering a penny in a strange land, strange people, he is like many people, disappointed because life is not like a dream. But then, he gave us a mirror of positive thinking and stood up after the difficulty: “I can see the world or with the eyes of a robbery robbed or of an adventurer. way to find treasure “and he chose to be an adventurer, choose to work as a hired shop for a crystal shop, choose to learn Arabic, choose to help bosses attract customers, choose to continue doing his thing dream. You see, hope or despair sometimes only by my own thoughts!

And heaven does not offend people! Leaving the crystal shop, he joins the desert caravan, befriends the Englishman, meets Fatima and the alchemist, and then contemplates on the philosophy of life, the views of love. “There is always someone waiting in the world, whether in the desert or in the big city. And when the two of them meet, and their gaze looks at each other, then the past of the future is no longer important, there is only that moment and the absolute belief that everything under the sky is all by one hand. pre-recorded; This hand has germinated love and a pre-determined mind is available for each person to care, work, rest, and search for treasures near the sky. If not then the dream of man is meaningless. ” It was Fatima who gave him all the trust he needed to fulfill his wish when he wanted to stay in the oasis forever to elect her all the way. The girl who always believed in the desert was given the most treasures – the love of Santiago. A man who loves to wait, waiting for his lover to fulfill his dream, waiting for him, trust him will return to his. “If you are a part of your destiny, one day you will return” – that is true and true love, noble and sacrificial. It strengthened Santiago, so that when he met the alchemist, received many useful advice from him, he finally made long aspirations. Even if the robbers finally appear again, robbing his fortune, but what does that mean, money is no longer important anymore. He looked at the pyramid, feeling the pyramid look at him smiling, that was enough. Your treasure is the lessons learned during the adventure, the true love in life.

Not every one of us has the courage to pursue our dreams, accept the trade-offs, persevere and bravely stand up to the challenge of Santiago. Just to live up to his dreams and determination, a shepherd boy can go through the long journey to reach the pyramid. The human life is meaningless only when there is nothing to dream and fear to fail even more than failure because once we are afraid, we have lost all courage to continue to conquer the journey to success.


Not only does it have a deep meaning, but each story is like a fairy tale, a book devoted to symbolism, language and the cosmic world. The alchemist’s turn of things can not be a symbol of energy and determination to pursue dreams, constantly moving forward.

This wonderful book has taught me the lesson of reason and heart, about how to look and feel everything around me. The character of Santiago is based on the character of the author himself. He was resilient as a writer rather than an engineer. “Alchemist” was a dull book, but he persevered. And finally the sweet came to him as hundreds of millions of people around the world embraced this work as a guide for their journey. There is no need for rhetoric. It was a little bit of imagination that made “The Alchemist” come true in the heart, becoming the favorite book of many, including former President Bill Clinton.

Review by Trương Quế Anh

Ebook: Nhà giả kim


[DECEMBER EBOOK] Review “A Christmas Carol”

10 lessons from “A Christmas Carol” of Charles Dickens

The 173-year-old British novel, which has been reprinted in the country, contains many of the philosophies and lessons of art that live sustainably over time.

Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol has been bilingually translated as Christmas by the First News in English-Vietnamese translations.

The story is about life of Ebenezer Scrooge who was stingy, scrawny. However, this unsettled old man had a great deal of thought, emotion, and awareness following the visit of “supernatural guests” on Christmas Eve, such as Jacob Marley, Ghosts of Christmas Birth Past, Present, and Future.



The character Ebenezer Scrooge is the embodiment of the harsh winter. But winter also must pass to spring joyful all over the place. Therefore, Scrooge’s heart, despite the icy, harsh, deep in the pit of the fire of good legs. “The flames” grew stronger, melting the layers of cold memory as he looked at each page of his life.

Dickens’ work is not merely a story but also a song from the life experience of the author, from observations in life, from beautiful desires for the future. Thus, A Christmas Carol was published 2,583 times, translated into 50 languages. This is also a very transformed work: 23 plays, 51 movie films … A Chirstmas Carol with 3D animated version (2009) is also popular with Vietnamese audiences.

Here are ten lessons contained in Dickens’ timeless fable, according to Slideshare:

Cherish the simplicity

Money is not everything. Do not see the purpose of life is to accumulate as much wealth as possible. We should learn to be happy with what we have and realize the benefits of simplicity.

Do not stingy

The right attitude for money is that money is flowing. You need to spend more money “flowing” into our lives. We need to spend money for something useful, meaningful.

Do not rush into work day and night, do not rest on the weekend. If you spend all your time on the job, you will not have the opportunity to spend your income. Do not feel guilty when you work less. Spend your free time on things that matter more, outside of work. If we feel satisfied, comfortable with the job is too good. But if we just plug in the work, our life will be seriously imbalanced.

Can not bring anything when leaving the world

On the eve of Christmas, Ebeneezer was visited by the soul of his late friend Jacob Marley. Marley was wrapped around the chains, saying that after death, people would be punished for their sins by forever wearing such heavy chains. When I leave, I will leave everything, can not bring anything. Even the richest can not carry money when leaving the world.

Learn from the mistakes of others

Failure is also part of the learning process, learning from mistakes and the success of others is a great ability. Life is short, more than losing together. Observation and learning help us to progress quickly, and we do not need to imbue ourselves with the “bloody experience.”

Be thankful for what you have

In the story of Dickens, though Tiny Tim is from a poor family, he still cherishes the warmth and generosity of his loved ones around him.



The past – What lesson did I learn?

Ghosts The past represents the enlightenment, intelligence, experiences we have collected from the past. Therefore, let go of the past mistakes, only to take lessons to improve more for the present and future life. Scrooge realized that he was a dull, old man. He lost all his love and hope when he was young. Then he changed, became good, helped the poor.

Do the most important things, the most meaningful for the present

Only you are the person who gives you the opportunity, today and in this moment, whether you are poor or rich in money. You can choose to make your life happier today. Today, do your best, and the future will take care of itself. Richness does not matter by living happy, and can find happiness from sharing, helping people.

Leave legacy for the future

What happens if your success inspires the person you love to start pursuing their dreams?

What happens if they come to you and say, “You have inspired me. I know what to do to express my gratitude! ”

And what if they were doing great influence in the world – thanks to you decided to pursue a dream and do meaningful things in your life.



Change yourself, change the world

After the visit of three ghosts and looking back on his life, old Scrooge awakens with a new vigor. He became a completely different person after only one night. Now, he looks at life with a new perspective, recognizing the importance of the people around him.


Ebook PDF: Hồn ma đêm Giáng Sinh




This month, CCEVENTS is pleased to present to you – especially you and your mother to take care of your baby “Để con được ốm”.

Birth of a child is the greatest of the women in life, so that those who first motherhood will inevitably bewildered, anxious. In addition to consulting the books and materials consulted by the doctor, many seek out social networking sites, which offer a myriad of ways to look after the “personal experience” of the mother.

Also, can not ignore the folk tips are communicated to each other about raising children, curing common diseases … among them many serious wrong methods. Therefore, this book to become a unique work into the issue of child care and the inadequacies in Vietnamese society, among Vietnamese families, among the members of the house.



“Để con được ốm” is probably a mother’s diary through stories from the practical experience that Uyen Bui has experienced from birth to birth and becomes a healthy girl. . Along with the interesting little stories of the mother, there is a specific professional response from Dr. Tri Do, helping to resolve misunderstandings from folklore experiences as well as scientifically explaining the information. Deviations are being transmitted now, bringing the best view for each phenomenon.

Other than the kind of dry medical education that is hard to understand, such as the majority of books on child care in the market, so that the sick child is divided into two, with one mother’s side on one side. doctor advice. As a result, mothers will feel closer and more functional than ever before. Daily tasks such as eating, sleeping, bathing, etc. are easy for the child but they must be carefully adjusted.

More than a regular medical book around basic care for children ages 0-5 years, To have a baby includes the attitude of parenting, that in order to be able to grow up, You have the right to get sick, get sick; and so there is no right to be compared … to the neighbor’s child. The book helps to correct both old and new parenting ideas that are full of misconceptions and misinformation, providing the latest published and researched medical knowledge that helps parents More confident in the process of raising a child.

Every mother loves her so she always wants her to be protected so she does not have the chance to come in contact with the disease. That love is right, but not good for the child. The disease in children is mostly infectious, viral infection … The disease that is prevented, the child must be entitled to disease, meaning that parents have to give birth to the body, antibodies, “- Tri doctor. The simple and clear sharing of this science has made many mothers start to self start because it turned out, I’m harming you!

Saying that does not mean affirmation. To sick child is the “encyclopedia” healers in children. Simply, it is just sharing and encouraging to young mothers in particular and families in general. Hopefully, the book will make parents feel like a cool breeze to “take off”, “fly” the thought, the wrong prejudices as the solid armor of child care when as well as when healthy.

Theo Hà Linh

Link Ebook: Google Drive Để Con Được Ốm




[OCTOBER EBOOK] REVIEW “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Do you know of any special events this year? Yes, of course the Halloween festival.

To mention halloween, we often think of mysterious, strange, horror and equally scared. So, this October, CCEVENTS will donate you a special ebook novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. This is a three-volume series by American writer Ransom Riggs, the next two books are “Hollow City” and “The Library of Souls.



Ransom Riggs has given us a great story. He built an orphanage for special children. There, “there was a flying girl, a bee-keeping boy in the body, a brother and a sister who could lift the rocks over his head.” guarded by a bird – a hawk smoked pipe “named Peregrine.



Everything begins after the death of Abe – grandfather Jacob. According to his meteoric rise, he embarked on a quest to find Peregrine’s Peculiar Children’s Home , which had been mentioned in ancient stories. And it is here that Jacob not only discovers the mystery of his body but also knows that it turns out all the grandfather tales are telling – things he has always considered fairy tales – again. absolutely true. From here, Jacob embarked on a whole new adventure and it was this adventures that transformed his ordinary life into colorful and varied emotions.




Reading this book, you will find that your emotions go up and down in Jacob’s steps. The joy of listening to his grandfather Abe tells the story of the beast, the faint of what you always proud to be pulled out sarcastic, the pain when losing relatives, the fear of seeing the “monster”… Ransom Riggs was very successful in expressing Jacob’s feelings in each of his sentences.




The story is always surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere by the appearance of the “special” children. Prayer for the “special” children in wartime that still suffer alienation, rejection. The protection of the President Peregrine has brought his life to a whole new page. Have you felt love, warmth between people and people.

Ransom Riggs has brought you a story full of thrilling, mysterious, but equally warm, full of human. Read Peregrine’s Special Child Camp and experience the magic of Ransom Riggs.


Link Free Ebook: Google Drive





I am Beto – the self-proclaimed self-assertion of a dog, which appears in the final chapter, but is meant to lead the way from the beginning. It’s a dog talk with dog friends, like Bino, who both lives with her nanny and her parents, and her great-grandmother – in another place where she has a new friend, Laica. Look, think and behave in the way of dogs, in addition to hundreds of “interesting things in life” we also recognize the good distinction – bad in the human world, a sense of innocence in the view of Beto, then of Beto – Bino, who is “human” in the middle of childhood, is preparing to be adults.


Choose the main character is a dog – animal close, familiar and most intelligent people, of course, the nature of the character, activities, and … the language of the dog; At the same time, as a dog to look at life, the author is also mindful, adult age physiology, which shows how adults should behave in the child, in the turning point from baby to adult, An important turning point, if not the most important, in the path of one’s life.



Writing for children, in my opinion, is hardest at this age. They are no longer children to think of naive, funny things. But they are not adults yet to hear and understand what only adults can hear and accept.


The most important message from I am Beto is friendship, the kind of sentiment that brings people from the family to society; is a look out of the family, or look at the family in attachment to society. Seeing how Nguyen Nhat Anh chose and broadened the relationships and behavior of Beth to the surrounding and around Bethesda, we can imagine the face of our children at this age, in the world we live in today. That is also the basis for understanding a story for children to achieve its true value will also be a good work for adults.


“I am Beto” was written by Nguyen Nhat Anh with the language of the main character, is the language of the child. It is not the language of a certain person in the third person that will make the story long and dry, but can not contain all the green of life. But how to avoid the presence of Nguyen Nhat Anh, who runs the whole story, who passed through Beto to tell the story in a style that I think is very neat, very nice; a style that shows the writer is very own and very love the subject of his survey. To say it is the right kind of writing for children at an age that is very necessary for the rich, the delicate and the mind between the mind and the words. And, not only the survey but also the summary for children to get used to the thoughts, including the philosophy of life, which always exist around them as light, like air, to them It’s not too late to get rid of all the gifts of childhood, and go with them all along the way.


A natural way of telling stories of ordinary life is not tedious, accommodating new ideas and innocent philosophies, expanding the life of the infant world, and cultivating the emotions that characterize The transition from child to adult, from family to society – that is good, my attraction is Beto. It’s been such a long time since I read a story like that!


Phong Lê – Giang Baka

Free Ebook: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_bplvezDDWoLUZTeUlLLVlJeE0



“Kill the Mockingbird” is a famous American literary work with many echoes, with her personally, this is a book worth reading and deserves to be included in the school because the human values that the author refer to


  1. Human beings are inherently honest
    That is what Confucius has drawn from the past: the nature of human beings when born is good, only when exposed to life, life is pushed, affected by the newly degenerated, become evil. Perhaps the author agrees with that view, when it comes to the image of nine-year-old Scoutt, who confesses to me the whole story and his brother – two people who believe in justice, a soul that has not been made by social prejudices. She is a parrot – birds do no harm to human beings but only bring her singing to contribute joy to life. When given the hunting guns, Scoutt and his brother Jem were told that “many birds can be wormed, but not birds,” and her lovely neighbor explained to the flood. “That’s a crime,” he said. To me, “kill the parrot” is a metaphor for the work of obscuring childhood minds by class prejudice.Scoutt’s uncle was angry when the two brothers went to the Black Church for a ceremony, which prevented Scoutt from telling his father that he wanted to go out with his black servant at home just because he thought the skin White has a higher level. Even among white people, she seemed to try to create lines that prevented the niece from contacting the unworthy of always referring to her “lineage” and the habits that she thought were infused. from life to life in those families. Despite the barriers and instruction, two young children Jem and Scoutt still come and do not hesitate to stand with the blacks to see his father treat a fellow, accused of rape a woman da white. And when his father died, the black man was convicted, though there was no clear evidence other than that of his father-in-law, an alcoholic who often beat his daughter without a job. Always getting support, Jem and Scoutt have brought childish grievances out of court “that is not right”. The two girls believed in justice and righteousness for everyone because that was what God was up to, and moreover this was in the court – where everyone was treated the same but in fact proved the opposite – White people always have the privilege that people of color never have. The sight of the injustice, shock but not so with the vicious look with all the white people living around, Jem and Scoutt are still mimic singing to the beauty of life.


  1. Courage is when you fail before you start but start and pursue it to the end whatever happens.
    This is what Jem’s father – a lawyer said when he finished reading every day to a neighbor who said he was “damn old bad girl”. The woman had been addicted to drugs for many years, but it was time to prepare to depart the world, and decided not to use it even though it might have helped her escape pain. Many people may think it is a late remorse but to me personally, it is only meant to free myself from all constraints so that I can move on peacefully. Never felt the remorse in the author’s narrative but only see a high resolution. Those who have seen the scene in detoxification camps, even though only through the screen, can recognize that drug addiction – difficult to quit, how difficult to give up, especially with a person near the land, often trying to avoid pain. But this woman had chosen the physical pain of her last days in the world in exchange for her peace of mind when she gave up her life, fighting to the last.With the table, this is the lesson that children should learn, should be up. Courageous children simply dare to lie in the room alone despite being afraid of the dark, daring to blow a balloon despite the fear of explosion. Children may fail but overcome their own fears, overcome themselves through victory.


  1. Not cover the mistakes of young children
    When thinking that Jem – his son killed a man to protect his little sister Scoutt, the father of two children was determined to bring this story to light, not intended to cover, whether child His 13-year-old son. And despite hiding that they tried to sneak into a neighbor’s house at night, he remembers quietly when they realized they were going to be dangerous. “I know he’s ready to shoot when he sees Any shade though for shoe number 9 “. As a child, children should learn to be responsible for what they do, to be praised for doing good deeds and receive criticism, even punishments for doing things that are not right. Not as young children will be covered, to ignore because doing so invisible to the general are agreeing, complicity with the behavior of children make them think that what they do is harmless, or slowly into a habit of concealment when doing wrongdoing. “Sow the habit of reaping habits,” should not practice such a habit.
  1. Parents are the mirror for children to look at

The first few months of life are the years when children learn and absorb the most, and the habits of children are beginning to form in these years, and during that time the person closest to the child is none other than parents. Speaking, dressing, parenting style have a great influence on the thinking and behavior of young children. In the story, when the father thinks that his son has killed him unintentionally and wants to come to light, he tells his sheriff’s friend, “Before Jem looks at anyone else, it will Look at me and I want to look straight back at him … If I’m accomplishing something like that, I can not look straight into his eyes and the day I can not do it, I know I’ll lose it. ” Parents must be a mirror for the children to enlighten and also let yourself re-examine. On the day when parents can not look directly at their children’s eyes, because they are ashamed of their children, because they have done something wrong, contrary to their conscience, that day they actually lost the image in their eyes. In young children, the image collapse is really painful and parents should not make their eyes look blurry or ugly. I was surprised to see a five-year-old using words from the market talking to friends of the same age, but when they talked to each other, especially during the heat, I understood that he had learned the lesson. that’s from It was not necessary to go out and be pushed by life, even in the family that did not set an example for her and that ruined their children. It can not be denied that the role of parents in the formation of children in the early years. Jem and Scout were born and grew up with a father who always struggled for fairness and equality so two fair words seemed to permeate the blood of the two brothers, so that two little children could cry When I saw a black man convicted, to react to him when I did not want them to be close to those whom he considered “unworthy”. Jem and Scout may be two tiny copies of the attorney father.

In addition to these lessons, “Kill the Mockingbird” is also a work depicting young children’s habits and personalities. Kids are always curious and want to discover things around, get excited about new things so Jem and Scout are excited about Dracula and the games that Dill taught them – things they never knew, and then Let’s explore the house is always closed with rumors. Angry and instinctive action is when Jem smashed the tea blossom of her neighbor and Scout almost beat up his classmates for saying bad things about their great father. I do not like to go to school because I can not play at home, especially when the abilities like Scout’s previous reading are not recognized by the teacher, … The details seem very small but formed a young world Poetry is essentially a child’s. Not to mention the social aspect of writing about racism in the United States that year, with myself, I was living with the mischief of young children, with innocent, innocent thoughts. Small children, warm and loving in the arms of the relatives of the children and I found this is a perfectly suitable work to read, to teach children in the school.


Link Ebook (File PDF):  https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_bplvezDDWoLWlrMEFZN3pMYXM