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Provide Tandem Bicycle Roadshow

Businesses are constantly innovating and developing their products, so every business needs to promote their products in order to increase their business. effective competition and business development, from which the type of advertising also in turn. One of the most popular forms of advertising that is cost effective is the organization that runs the roadshow.
With many years of experience in running a roadshow and organizing events for the promotion of business, CCEVENTS has been one of the leading event organizers. When running a roadshow to promote products for the business, it is necessary to meet the maximization of the effectiveness of advertising their products by impressing and bringing their products to consumers. Knowing that trend, CCEVENTS would like to introduce to you the service package Organization running roadshow by tandem bike.
Provide dual bikes to organize roadshows to promote products, organize roadshows to celebrate the launch, organize roadshows to promote businesses, etc.
CCEvents lease tandem bike for roadshow with extremely preferential prices as follows:
Price does not include 10% VAT.
Prices may vary depending on the time.
The above price list applies to corporate clients running a 1 day roadshow. If customers rent and organize roadshow for 3 days or more, CCEVENTS will have more preferential quotation.
New 80 – 90%
Full of parts
Ensure the quality of traffic
Clean car
Photo car: illustration





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