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This idea is a book by author Huynh Vinh Son (nickname Soi An Chay) can satisfy any curiosity of any reader about the advertising industry and especially the people. creation. It will take us deeper into each corner, creaming the various corners of a booming industry today.

Being a genuine copywriter, it is no surprise why in the pages of the book, Vinh Son has shown his “copywriters”. The book impresses readers with humor, humor, and nature, sometimes mischievous, mockery. The title of each page is very short and impressive as well as highlight the main content, simply as: Yêu, Zâm, Giết, Sổ… but enough to impress on the entrance read right.

It is often difficult to get into the boring theory of advertising because it does not really give us insight into the different aspects of the occupation. It only touches the flat surface, the surface of an industry, not the “finger” to feel the corner, the “dirty” that the author called. This idea is ours, a book about the career of the advertising person, about the profession and about living with the profession, is a book for anyone, whether you are active in the field this area or not.

Make interesting tips not just for those in the advertising industry but for anyone in the industry who need to nurture creativity every day?

We realize that, creativity is not far away, it comes from the life of each person. The more rich and creative our life is, the more we can not sit in a closed room, look at the screen and then “lay” ideas. The advertiser is a “farmer in the linguistic domain,” a circus artist with a literal character, a magician with a speech instrument, and therefore must constantly train to be able write well, write well. And in order to reach the realm of the commander and to control the words skillfully, only read and write many. Not only that, but always have to attach the “radar” on the head, attach the “magnifying glass” to be able to “peer” at all levels in society to pick up the class of interesting and coughing.

The creator is like a collector, picking up everything in life, including things that people do not need anymore, gleaning everywhere to get rich, easily blooming. “Whenever needed. Living a lot, experiencing a lot, creativity is not necessarily from the birth of heaven, creativity is what can be trained and molded. When people are rolling around all over the place, when people absorb all the different colors of life and take that material to mold the idea in their own way.

Because this idea is ours … ..

As the title of the book “This idea is my own”. The idea of ​​a successful advertising campaign is not anyone’s but a common child of many. And it will not be hard to understand why, in the book, we will encounter a humorous conversation between the Copywriter and the Art Director, with the client, with the creative director of Creative Director, the relationship between people. Together brainstormed to find creative ideas, ready to battle in the bidding.

The story is not just for copywriters but for individuals who are active in the field of creativity in general. Huynh Vinh Son wrote his heart for all his brothers. Art director and copywriter, a sorcerer with color photos, an artist swinging on the letters, they are like a couple of very interesting and come together so probably so Understand that the protection of each other.

More than a book about advertising …

“What I do not like is not to say that’s true. Love is just like it. Do not overestimate. Do not condone the lifestyle of anyone, everyone has their own story, we have no way to feel it all. Do not hastily give advice, do not hurry, do not hurry to say as connoisseur. This is the first of ten advertising industry teaches me – one of the articles in the book. Scattered in it, the Vegetarian Vegans share the philosophies on the sideline that advertising has taught him, careers not only to earn a living but give us valuable values ​​and lessons.

Huynh Vinh Son also plays the role of removing the prejudices about advertisers that from our parents to those around us always think about, unfairly for the profession. Most of all, it is to remove layers of glass for students, young people are eager to enter the advertising industry.

Huynh Vinh Son can be a roller-coaster in the advertising industry for only 5 years – a number not too long but clear when reading This idea is ours, readers can feel it is a very passionate living with his own profession. Sometimes a person’s experience does not depend on how many years they have lived and how many years they have been counted on how much dedication and passion they have in each moment. Huynh Vinh Son is also a familiar face in the battle of his pen across the front with the shared article. Even his nickname – Vegetarian Lobster is also set him to remind himself of the creation of ideas, ideas or sometimes to be “wrong” a little. “Think of the idea of” Wolf Eat Meat, “” Veal Sheep “What the Copywriter Need” (BrandVietNam)



CCEVENTS was once again accompanied by the BIBO MART system to hold the opening of its 125th store at 186 Ma Lo, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District.

Beside, the opening ceremony of the show also has the game minigame and attractive promotions to serve customers present and visit the shop on the opening day.

When participating in the opening ceremony of BIBO MART you not only have fun bringing home gifts but also enjoy music and music from the children of CCEVENTS.


The opening ceremony has attracted many customers to visit and shop at the store.

CCEVENTS is delighted to be partnering with BIBO MART to hold its 125th successful opening. CCEVENTS and BIBO MART will jointly co-operate with many stores to launch the show.

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CCEVENTS CO., LTD – “ A Passion to Perfect

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Dong Tien Bread Company was established in 1963 from a factory with a family size. Over 50 years of establishment and development, to date is a company with a large brand with more than 28 bakeries in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City.

On June 22, CCEVENTS partnered with Dong Tién to open a store in Nguyen Oanh, Go Vap. With the combination of the opening ceremony and the organization of running Roadshow, Dong Tien bakery has attracted many customers to attend.

CCEVENTS is very pleased to be the host of this grand opening ceremony for Dong Tien cake company and hope to cooperate in the next time.

Here are some pictures of this event:

With a team of dynamic and beautiful PB, we are pleased to bring you the most professional and effective service.

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Currently, Saigon Academy International School System is running a roadshow program for new school year 2017 – 2018 on 19, 20, 21, 22, 23/06.

CCEVENTS is proud to be part of the SGA International School System, which is part of the company’s roadshow program.


Saigon Academy International Kindergarten is a pioneer in early education with the Early Years Education Program in Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon Academy has introduced advanced early education methods. Maximal development of the characteristics and abilities of children are, to help children have a solid foundation of intellectual, health and personality in the golden period from 0-6 years. Along with the staff of teachers and staff young, enthusiastic, dynamic, creative, dedicated to children. Saigon Academy is committed to building a world-class preschool system that fosters optimal growth and development of young children.

CCEVENTS plans to launch a Roadshow program to ensure the best understanding, attracting a lot of attention from the people of Saigon.

With a team of PG – PG dynamic, bloody and full of experience, CCEVENTS has the same school system SGA message to the customer.

CCEVENTS believes that the roadshow will succeed and deliver the best results. We hope that CCEVENTS and Saigon Academy preschool system will cooperate, cooperate long term together.

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