How does ammonia evolve here? Is it that we get hydrogen gas evolving in the reaction between Al & NaOH, and this gas reacts with the NO3 anion?

I there a logical way lớn deduce this, or should one just memorize that "Al & Zn reduce $ceNO3-$ to lớn ammonia in basic solutions"?


I learned that the reaction is called "a nitrate thử nghiệm using Devarda"s alloy", but there is no specific mô tả tìm kiếm of the process in Wikipedia. All I learned is that the reason is certainly not the freshly-minted hydrogen:

Nascent hydrogen was supposed to be responsible for the reduction of arsenate or nitrate in arsine or ammonia respectively. Nowadays, isotopic evidence<8> has closed the nascent hydrogen debate, presently considered lớn be a Gedanken artifact of romanticism.

And I wonder why NaOH is needed. Probably to activate the aluminium (to break the oxide layer).

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