In a CS course I"m taking there is an example of a language that is not regular:

a^nb^n I can understand that it is not regular since no Finite State Automaton/Machine can be written that validates and accepts this input đầu vào since it lacks a memory component. (Please correct me if I"m wrong)

The wikipedia entry on Regular Language also lists this example, but does not provide a (mathematical) proof why it is not regular.

Can anyone enlighten me on this và provide proof for this, or point me too a good resource?

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What you"re looking for is Pumping lemma for regular languages.

Here is an example with your exact problem:

Examples: Let L = m ≥ 1. Then L is not regular. Proof: Let n be as in Pumping Lemma. Let w = anbn. Let w = xyz be as in Pumping Lemma. Thus, xy2z ∈ L, however, xy2z contains more a’s than b’s.

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Because you can"t write a finite state machine that will "count" identical sequences of "a" & "b" symbols. In a nutshell, FSMs cannot "count". Try imagining such a FSM: how many states would you give lớn symbol "a"? How many khổng lồ "b"? What if your input đầu vào sequence has more?

Note that if you had n






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