Billboards are an indispensable form of communication for every business unit, large or small. The great function of the billboard is to introduce a full range of products, services and locations to bring attention to customers. In addition, the sign is the face of the business, is the brand identity factor is the criterion for customers to assess the professional level and decide whether to step into your store or not.

With a beautiful location, high traffic density, the annual cost of a billboard can be from 1 to 2 billion VND / year. To achieve the best marketing effectiveness in this form, businesses need to design billboards in a professional and charismatic way.



On the market today there are many billboards including the canvas, led (led lights), neon (neon), alu, meca, plastic, sea, sea stainless steel, light box and many other sea forms. However, choose the design of the billboard that best suits the products and goods, but the maximum cost, the content of advertising design to create attractive? A series of questions make it difficult to choose the most effective advertising sign.



At CCEvents, with our team of designers and executives, we always know best how to design to suit the target customers that business.

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