Enterprises hold a product launch ceremony to introduce and advertise to customers and partners about the company’s products. This is an important event to make the first impression of product quality in the minds of customers. Organizing a good product launch ceremony will create a good feeling for customers about the product and that is a stepping stone for the business to go forward.

Selecting a model, a PG suitable to the brand to introduce the product is one of the important jobs in organizing the product launch ceremony.

Therefore, in order to leave a good impression, which is hard to fade in the hearts of customers, the product launch ceremony must be carefully, carefully and professionally prepared in each item such as drafting program scripts, selecting models. , PG, arranging technical equipment … With long-term experience in the field of event organization, CCEVENTS is committed to providing customers with an attractive and unique product launch service.

By understanding our customers, understanding the characteristics of our partner’s products, we organize the launch of innovative, branded and highly effective communication products.

Equipment such as backdrop, standee, sound and lighting should be carefully prepared to ensure a successful launch.

CCEvents organizes launching products for all types of products with different costs and always ensure to meet customer requirements.

The product launch event can also be organized as a small activation session to save costs.

CCEVENTS is committed to providing customers with a perfect product launch event service.


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