Working mode:
Without event: work from Monday – Saturday morning; Closed on Saturday & Sunday
If there is an event: Work overtime and be paid for the program or allowance.
Coaching on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning (if there are no events)
Working time: 8 hours / day
+ Morning: from 8h00 to 12h00

+ Afternoon: From 14h00 to 18h00

For staff:
Reward employees good performance in a month: 200.000d
Reward for excellent staffs who have achieved good results in 3 consecutive months: having the highest and highest turnover or taking charge of 7-10 programs / month + Completing the assigned tasks + No violation of discipline (Bonus or course at end of 3rd month)
Bonus for employees in the year: reward VND 5,000,000 if you get rewarded 3 times in a row (Cash reward at the end of the year)
Discipline: (First time: reminder, second time: fine of 100,000VND / violation, third time: payroll or leave)
Arrive at the company on time, the delinquent is more than 3 times a month, less than ½ of salary.
Before work and when leaving, to arrange clean, neat place to do his.
During work hours must be orderly, not to do personal chores (play games, FB chat, …) and must be responsible to try to complete the work assigned.
Absolutely not allowed to leave the workplace without the permission of the supervisor.
No fraud in any way. If the company finds out they must make a review and may be fired.
Absolutely obey the work of the superior.
Have a sense of confidentiality, not disclose and provide documents to others without the permission of the company leaders
Other regulations
Keeping and saving the company’s assets.
Responsible for work. When managing a program for loss of property, it must be purchased at current prices.
When applying for leave must send an email before 3 days, clearly stating the reason and must be approved by the superior. Each month must not exceed 2 days or 14 days per year. The period of leave of absence from work shall not be calculated, in case of absenteeism, such leave shall be considered unreasonable. Leave no more than 3 days to dismiss
Resignation: 45 days at the latest. A person who voluntarily leaves his job and who is forced to leave his job loses all benefits and has to hand over his work; If not handed over, it will be deducted from the salary due to the loss of work.



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