Mid-Autumn Festival with many names Moon Festival, Dang Flower or the closest is Children’s Day, takes place on the full moon day of the 8th lunar month. There are many stories from the beginning, but they all share the common meaning of reunion and reunion in joy and happiness.

Therefore, this is considered a great occasion for everyone to meet, gather around the fruit tray, wait for the moon to “destroy”. Harmony is the laughter of children, the happy smiles of parents and grandparents in the space of the star lights, sparkling moon cakes.

Not wanting to lose those quintessential values, CCEvent offers full-moon festival packages. With the types of services for organizing the Mid-Autumn Festival: Mid-Autumn Festival at the company – school, the Mid-Autumn Festival at the children’s cultural houses, decorating and designing the Mid-Autumn Festival at shopping centers. In addition, CCEvents also provides quality Mid-Autumn Festival equipment (welcome gates, banners, backdrop, stage, sound and light…) along with excellent trained staff (PG, PB, MC, clown, magician, lion dance…).

It will not only be the happy smile of a child when enjoying it, but also the happiness of parents immersed in the nostalgic taste of the typical Mid-Autumn Festival. Let us bring you a meaningful and unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival.


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