The groundbreaking ceremony is an important worship ritual before performing any activities that touch the soil. Because it is said that every piece of land has a god, before building or doing anything, it is necessary to have a ceremony to “ask for permission” as well as to wish good luck for an official project to come into operation.

To prepare for the groundbreaking ceremony, the items needed to prepare are:

  • Shovel
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Trays, towels
  • Red ceremonial ribbon
  • Sandbox (depending on the number of delegates will have their own size)

CCEvents is very lucky to be the organizer of the groundbreaking event of many units. So we have a lot of experience and ready to advise you on the appropriate service. We provide staff for the ceremony, canvas, backdrop, sound … and more are dedicated to being able to give you the perfect start.

All preparations from site-check, design – printing, equipment preparation, staff and program management will be fully prepared. If you wish you had a great start, please contact us immediately:


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