You want to make company uniforms, class; print and sew company uniforms, group shirts, forum and club… for your team? And you want to join them in sharing the emotions when standing in a collective, wearing the same color of the shirt? Or you want to design an outfit with the image of your company or school?

Let CCEvents help you!

The unique, beautiful, and special designs that can be changed at your request are what CCEvents can do for you. Please contact us for the exact information according to your needs.

CCEvents applies the basic equipment, advanced technology will always produce high quality uniform printing products, clear images, no cracks… Meet the requirements of time, quality and price of the product.


For convenience, you can print according to the selected form or print on demand:

  1. Print a uniform shirt according to the form: Customers will choose the available form and order the number of prints with us.
  2. Uniform printing on demand: Customers will state the fabric and print samples with us. We will advise in detail. However, this service is only available to customers who want to print large quantities.

Customers can print on uniforms with a variety of images such as Logo, Slogan, company name, product name, unique messages or images that customers love … The price of the product depends into fabric, print pattern and print quantity:

  • Printing T-shirts as promotion gifts.
  • Printing uniforms for schools, companies, restaurants, hotels, bars.
  • Printing soccer and sports shirts.
  • Print shirts for class, group t-shirts and club t-shirts.
  • Printing couple t-shirts, double t-shirts.

Can print on many fabrics from 100% cotton, woven fabrics to blended fabrics and PE fabrics, crocodile cotton…

If customers need, please contact us immediately for more information. CCEvents will advise and answer all questions from customers as soon as possible.


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