To choose a product, consumers not only pay attention to the quality but also be attracted by the product packaging. Packaging can increase competitiveness with a “forest” of similar products when on shelves at supermarkets or grocery stores

A beautiful packaging will give businesses a small advantage in competing brands and products. Customers are always interested in many products not only for quality but also for beautiful, luxurious packaging. Because of that important factor, businesses always invest in designing and printing labels for products to create brand value.

CCEvents packaging printing design services include:

  • Printing shrink films, printing plastic bags, printing packaging products of PP, PE, HD, OPP, composite laminating film and carton printing…
  • Composite film: OPP / MCPP; OPP / CPP; OPP / PE; PET / MCPP; PET / CPP
  • Printing Duplex cans, tea boxes, wine boxes, medicine boxes, high quality cosmetics boxes
  • Design packaging, brand, plastic box according to customer requirements.
  • Supplying plastic packaging products
  • Printing packaging by industry: cosmetics, stationery, pharmaceuticals… printing by brands and orders
  • Printing on all materials: cardboard, plastic, plastic bags…

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