In the field of advertising, envelopes are a way to introduce your brand to more potential customers. The role of envelopes is becoming more and more important in building a strong and consistent brand.

CCEvents often use offset printing technology to print white envelopes or fine art paper materials to use if the envelope needs its own color. In some cases of luxury, it is also possible to use embossing technology, press the needle on the surface when making envelopes, or use forms of UV coating or lamination and use certain materials paper for printing such as offset, couches, kraft…

The designs are simple, highlight the necessary information, do not use many colors, but still make the envelope more beautiful and luxurious.

The usual mail envelope sizes are:

  • A4 (25cm x 34cm): Hold A4 extended. Thickness 150gsm
  • A5 (17cm x 23 cm): Hold A5. 150gsm thickness
  • A6 (12cm x 22cm): Hold up to A4 sheets 3. Thickness 80gsm or 100gsm

Envelopes delivered to customers are the finished products that have been carefully checked by content quality and formality by CCEvents, avoiding mistakes that affect customers’ reputation.

Let CCEvents bring your brand to customers!

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