For a long time, Saigon has always been a “promising land” for businesses all over the country. Every year, every fair or exhibition takes place hundreds of businesses register to introduce their products and brands to customers. Customer interest between series of other brands?

With many years of experience in constructing booths and mobile store, CCEvents offers some solutions for you:

  1. Stalls must be eye-catching and convenient for visitors

Customers are the main goal. Therefore, the stalls create an open space for guests to easily see from many directions.

  • In large spaces
  • In narrow spaces
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  1. Booth showing brand and product

Fair and exhibition booths are very unique and sophisticated with the space inside the stall; Convenient for arranging and displaying products as well as having places for customers to visit.


  1. Receiving orders from customers
  • Phone: 0932.087.857 | 0938.737.857 (Mrs. Tram Anh)
  • Email:
  1. Quotation according to the information and requirements of guests
  • Package: Design and construction (in m2)

(Special: Free 100% design when choosing CCEvents construction, modify up to 3 times)

  • Design: from 3-5 million depending on demands (maximum editing 3 times)
  • Construction: calculated in m2, the price depends on demands and material

(Note: Customers send complete information about the content, area, items so that CCEvents can quote the most accurate price)

  1. Conducting field surveys, drawing on 2D and 3D drawings

After customers agree with the quotation, CCEvents will send personnel to the survey location to get actual data and communicate directly with customers.

  1. Contract signing and construction

CCEvents commits:

  • Handing over the booth before or on time as scheduled with the customer.
  • Ready to provide free support if you have an unexpected problem.


Hotline: 0938 737 758 | 0932 087 857


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