Banners often call banners hanging in public places with different sizes, showing content, brief pictures of a certain message.

Signs are one of the advertising forms that bring the most optimal and effective solutions for companies and businesses that want to introduce and promote their products to consumers.


CCEvents designs, prints banners and signs on the following materials:

  • Silk
  • PP glue, PP no glue
  • White decal, Decal in oil, Decal in water
  • Backlite film has glue, no glue
  • Canvas (burlap print)
  • Other types of advertising materials.

The resolution of the printouts depends on the actual requirements of the customers (from 720 DPI to 1,440 DPI), CCEvents also meets the quality assurance printing requirements for special orders.

In addition, CCEvents also receives customized designs at reasonable prices, on demand and on time delivery.

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