Carpets are often used to cover the aisle, stage carpets, carpets of the conference area or the opening ceremony, inauguration, groundbreaking, etc. Carpet spreading creates a clean and luxurious ceremony, chapter. Submit your event.

Red carpet and carpet rental service will save you time, investment costs and peace of mind. With a team of professional construction, fast installation, using specialized glue, we will be committed to bringing beauty and elegance to your program.

CCEvents carpets have many colors for you to choose: red carpet rental, blue carpet rental, green carpet rental, gray carpet rental … with different materials: felt, slippery…


If you are having a conference, seminar, press conference, client meeting event that needs to be formal, polite, the carpet walkway is the perfect choice for you.

In addition, CCEvents also receives installation, carpet installation, and carpet shooting very nice and cheap.

Contact us today. You will be best advised.


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