Backdrop, also known as stage backdrop: Frame backdrop is usually made of very solid iron, including many different designs and sizes depending on the needs or requirements of customers.

Backdrop is considered as the highlight of a program to introduce to you the overall content of the program that is taking place, so beautiful, eye-catching, creative backdrop will make a good impression to customers.

CCEvents specializes in construction of Backdrop (Stage Backdrop) – Backdrop for event photography.

CCEvents design and construction package hiflex, PP… in iron frames with reasonable prices – quality – as required.

  1. Design – Print and Build welcome gate backdrop.

  2. Design – Print and Construct Backdrop, backdrop event workshop

  3. Design – Print and Construct Backdrop, indoor and outdoor event stage backdrops

CCEvents guarantees:

  • Cheap cost (free design when ordering backdrop package: design – printing – construction)
  • Fast printing time (in the day if there are files, 1-2 days if no files, designs are modified no more than 3 times, free printing test)
  • CCEvents  printable design files are checked by CCEvents, avoiding breakage when printing in large format.
  • The color quality, the image does not change, there is no blurring / blur when printing.

You can send requests via email, via the website or contact us directly via phone numbers for advice, information and printing quotes.

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